Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. LinkedIn, Republic Day & more

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Social Media Campaigns

Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features LinkedIn, an in-depth feature on auto ad spends, and more.

Social Media Campaigns

Smallcase launches ‘Invest in Ideas’ campaign with a witty narrative

With the increasing number of new investors amongst the millennials, the latest campaign by Smallcase encourages users to adopt a portfolio-based approach for investments in the stock market, building their equity portfolio in a healthy and simple way. Read more here.

LinkedIn launches campaign to initiate mental health conversations

LinkedIn intends to encourage communities and members to go beyond professional updates and talk with #OpenMinds about the highs and lows of their professional experiences, with the new campaign. Read more here.

In-Depth Features

Auto AdSpends: How third-wave volatility & supply-chain challenges impact the AdEx?

With the onset of Omicron and the global semi-conductor shortage in the auto industry, players across luxury and electric vehicles share how changes in consumer consumption and production subsequent impact Auto AdSpends. Read more here.

Our overall marketing investment is about INR 100 cr for next 12 months: Kashyap Dalal, Simplilearn

Kashyap Dalal talks about how the brand is aiming to break through the clutter in the crowded and highly competitive EdTech space. He sheds light on its recent campaign, their overall marketing budget, and driving leads & footfalls through communication. Read more here.

A plate full of social media: How Food trucks leverage the medium…

Social media marketing has been an important part of food trucks’ marketing blueprints – mainly to create awareness around their upcoming locations, new trendy cuisines, and keeping up with the digital wave. Read more here.

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Republic Day 2022: Campaigns that light the spirit of patriotism

Republic Day 2022 campaigns were all about celebrating the path-breaking journey that this country and its citizens have taken. Here’s a look at some of the most titillating narratives. Read more here.

YouTube Regional Ads Leaderboard 2021: Mumbai Indians’ Marathi & Rapido’s Telugu campaigns lead

The YouTube Regional Ads Leaderboard 2021 features ads across six languages – Marathi, Telugu, Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil, and Kannada. Read more here.

Heinz Campaigns – as thick & saucy as the brand itself

Heinz Campaigns, over the years, have attempted to establish the brand as the thick saucy companion that goes along with every dish, in every situation. Read more here.

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