Case Study: How Fastrack created niche engagement for their Reflex Tunes FT4 awareness campaign

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Fastrack case study

This caselet explores how Fastrack associated with Viral Fission to cocreate content for popularizing Fastrack Reflex Tunes FT4 amongst GenZ.

The case study outlines the concept, execution, and results of the campaign designed by Viral Fission for the product launch of Fastrack.

Category Introduction

According to reports, about 65% of the consumers in India are categorized as millennials and Gen-Z each with their own distinct quality. This is substantially changing how brands interact and tailor their outreach to the changing consumer demographics. 

One of the ways this is affecting marketing is the focused efforts towards charting out inclusive and personalized approaches to engage with their target group. Thus giving rise to an audience-first content next approach. This set of audiences known as communities is loyal to the brands and co-creates with the brands. Communities are testing apps, spreading the word about new products to creating niche campaigns, their influence is growing and businesses are increasingly turning to them to get their messaging right. 

Brand Introduction

Viral Fission is a Gen-Z community platform that bridges the gap between India's capable youth and the brands they love, through engagements and experiences. The brand aims to work on adding value to India’s Gen-Z community by helping them upskill while partnering with brands.

Fastrack is an Indian fashion accessory retail brand, launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan Watches. In 2005, Fastrack was spun off as an independent brand targeting the urban youth and growing fashion industry in India.


The campaign aimed to encourage the dynamic Gen-Z cohort to engage with the brand and build awareness for the Fastrack Reflex Tunes FT4. 

Problem Statement/Objective

The primary objective of this campaign was to raise awareness about Fastrack's newest product, Reflex Tunes FT4, and drive grass-root level community interaction among the target group. The underlying objective was to own the word ‘immersive’ for Fastrack’s product and have a strong recall value associated with it. 


The brief given was to create awareness about Fastrack’s immersive Reflex Tunes FT4 and generate niche engagement for the brand among the target audience. 

Creative Idea

The Gen-Z community is passionate and ambitious and tends to lose themselves in the moment. The brand extended this to the campaign and asked Gen-Z to share pictures of activities that they tune into break from the world and immerse themselves.

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There are multiple brands reaching out to GenZ on a daily basis with varied content. Getting the attention of our target audience in this already overcrowded market served as a challenge.


Introduce: Fastrack, the accessories brand has been able to resonate with the youth. The campaign started by introducing the contest to Viral Fission's network of ambassadors.

Co-Create: The next step was to drive engagement for the brand and create awareness about Fastrack’s product.

This was executed by leveraging a popular Instagram feature ‘Add your sticker from the brand’s highlight story by the ambassadors and upload their #TuneIntoYou moment with a creative caption. This activity resulted in driving traffic to the brand page.

Expand: The participants were briefed to tag three of their friends to participate in the contest. With this, the awareness around the brand and the product was expanded.

Reward: The two-day contest concluded with the announcement of 4 winners across zones namely the North, south, east, and west. The winners were awarded the Fastrack Reflex Tunes FT4.




The #TuneIntoYou contest drew 700+ Viral Fission youth ambassadors, who were able to spread the brand's message to over 100,000 peers via Instagram outreach, underlining the campaign's fundamental concept.

CMO Quotes

Commenting on the association, Ajay Maurya, Head of Marketing, Fastrack said, “Through our partnership with Viral Fission, we have been able to reach a valuable pool of youngsters to engage with across a variety of activities. We hope to continue our association on much more youth-focused objectives. ”

Adding to this, Aditya Anand, Chief Revenue Officer, Viral Fission said “We envision to build the bridge between India’s youth and the brands they love. With our deep-rooted insights, we were able to assist Fastrack in designing a contest that is both engaging and interesting. We look forward to more such collaborations with brands that aim to drive traction within the Gen-Z audiences across India".

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