Marketing Shorts: Neha Prasad on Kurkure’s new permanent flavour…

Kurkure Neha Prasad

Neha Prasad takes us through the product journey and marketing for Kurkure’s newest addition ‘Chatpata Cheese’, which is a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio, after a long time.

Earlier this month Kurkure expanded its portfolio with the addition of the latest flavour ‘Chatpata Cheese’. With this addition, Kurkure tapped the classic ‘Masala’ flavour, pairing it with the globally favoured – ‘Cheddar Jalapeno’. The new flavour aims to localize the global cheese snacks rage with their communication theme – ‘desi pe videsi ka chatpatapan’.

PepsiCo made the snack available in three price ranges – INR 5, INR 10, and INR 20 across all leading retail and e-commerce platforms in India. 

In a brief chat with Social Samosa about the newest launch and giving insights behind the product journey, Neha Prasad, Associate Director and Brand Lead, Kurkure said, “With this launch, ‘Chatpata Cheese’ will remain a permanent flavour in our flagship category. This kind of permanent addition has taken place after many years. To give you a perspective, this category has always been dominated by masala and we understood that the audience is looking for variety and something to differentiate.”

She further added that with the new launch the brand wanted to disrupt the category as it was getting too commoditized. Adding to that she commented, “That’s why we wanted to launch another bucket of flavour in this category that is the ‘cheese’ bucket and this flavour has been growing in double digits.”

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The brand shares that within 10 days of launch they hit their initial target and the month’s target was achieved in almost 20 days.

To market the new flavour, Kurkure is looking at both physical and mental availability. The brand plans to tap into a full-fledged media mix activating TV, social and digital platforms; focusing on the country’s youth. The campaign will also see an influencer marketing leg.

Neha further added that the brand is currently looking at basic distribution in place first for the latest release before the heavy-duty quick-commerce ways.

Moving on with trends that Neha had witnessed post-pandemic she spoke about two major ones:

She pointed out that due to people resuming their lives and moving out more, this has seen a boost in sales as well. Consumer loyalty has made a comeback as well.