Swiggy responds to the Swiggyman on Horse

Sneha Medda
Jul 06, 2022 05:15 IST
Swiggyman on Horse

Swiggy to offer a sizable amount to whoever finds the whereabouts of the infamous Swiggyman on Horse, who proved an unexpected fame for the brand

Earlier this week, the internet saw an unlikely phenomenon when one of its netizens shared a video of a man; who is infamously named the Swiggyman on Horse, carrying a Swiggy delivery bag who was onboard a white horse on the very busy and equally flooded streets of Mumbai.

This unexpected yet humorous scene got such a buzz that it quickly became the talk of the town, and the brand got some unplanned attention as well.

Appreciating the unknown man's uncommon way of delivering, Swiggy took to Instagram and Twitter to clear the air around the 'horse' in the room and stated that the brand had nothing to do with this out-of-the-blue scenario. The cheeky note also made a point that the brand has yet to recognize the man on the horse, who unintentionally promoted the brand.

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In the same note, the brand also announced a Swiggy-wide horse hunt, where the brand will give out 5K in Swiggy Money to whoever finds the whereabouts of this infamous man on the horse.

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