Inside: Liger Marketing Strategy - a journey of original content & pan-India visits

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Liger Movie marketing

The makers of Liger leveraged the stellar star cast to the tee - as the actors hit major Indian cities, commuted in the famous Mumbai local trains, visited historic sights, and indulged in local food, all the while creating a footprint of original content for social media.

One of the most anticipated sports action films of the year - Liger - starring Vijay Deverkonda, Ananya Pandey and former boxer Mike Tyson, produced by Dharma Productions & Puri Connects, created a great deal of hype for itself. With big names revolving around the flick, the makers went all out to promote the movie and curated a marketing strategy which included traditional and a good amount of digital presence. 

Like most movies released post COVID-19, Liger relied heavily on on-ground promotions. This was coupled with influencer outreach, all in all leading to the movie creating a range of original content.

Here’s a look at Liger Movie Marketing Strategy. 

Start Studded Trailer launch

From the very initial stages, the movie generated a good amount of traction from the audience owing to its star cast. Leveraging this anticipation the makers dropped the movie’s first poster which according to them broke the internet and added to the hype.

Following the poster release, the makers started releasing snippets of the trailer, leading to the trailer launch. The makers roped in Ranveer Singh to amplify the same. 

Reel-Worthy Soundtrack

Post trailer launch, the makers leveraged the soundtrack of the movie with a great emphasis on turning it into a reel trend. With the internet recreating the hook steps and users creating their own renditions of the original, the soundtrack reportedly climbed the charts. 

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Influencer Marketing

The makers further roped in digital influencers to create original content around the movie, in the form of skits, dance routines, and more with the star cast. This included Instagram influencers like Niharika Nm, and Neethu Nair among others.

From Radio to Digital

To reach the audience, the star cast was heavily engaged in digital as well as radio show promotions. The actors appeared on a number of media channels including Bollywood Bubble, and Bollywood Hungama to name a few. 

The actors were also seen appearing on radio shows to interact with their fans across the country.

Liger Beyond Borders

With the makers roping in Mike Tyson, the movie had already reached audiences beyond the borders. After the trailer dropped, Bollywood fans outside India started paying attention to the action flick.

With trailer reactions from around the globe, the makers also collaborated with Cinemark XD Theaters to promote the film in the USA.

Along with this, the makers also took a traditional route and embarked on a nationwide promotion event where they covered Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Gujarat, and other cities as well.

The Liger Roadtrip

Theatre releases post-pandemic have seen immense on-ground promotions. The cast for Liger too was constantly on the move - interacting with fans, media, and influencers, in an attempt to translate footfalls to the movie halls.

To promote the movie on grounds in Mumbai, the cast was seen travelling by the local train experiencing the true flavours of Mumbai life.

On road, the cast was also seen enjoying different delicacies from around the country. From enjoying a perfectly served Gujarati Thaali to feasting on a full course meal in Chandigarh and enjoying Payasam at the pit stop in Kochi.

The Liger food affair perfectly coincided with Ananya Pandey's social media personality consisting of sharing her food diaries and travelogues.

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