The Whole Truth Foods makes a swift return to Instagram

The Whole Truth Instagram

After a long hiatus, the protein bar brand – The Whole Truth Foods has decided to make a comeback on Instagram, but this time on their own terms.

Not long ago, The Whole Truth Foods had decided to indefinitely retire from the Instagram scene stating the photo-sharing app’s inconsistent algorithm had led to the brand’s mission of sharing in-depth and long-form content to decline rapidly. 

But after some time off the app, the brand has decided to make a comeback on the platform. The news was shared on the brand’s Instagram page on the 18th of August, which spoke of the work they did in the past two months and also stated that this time around, the brand will focus on what’s important to them. 

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Speaking of the brand’s Ver. 2 release on Instagram, Shashank Mehta, CEO, and Founder of The Whole Truth Foods said, “We decided to step away from Instagram because we didn’t like how our content was drifting away from what we started out doing. We needed the time and space to reorient ourselves around our north star and our mission and figure out the best way of leveraging the reach provided by social media platforms in actualizing our goals.

We figured many content creators would empathize with this new rat race we were unconsciously sucked into, but we were amazed to see that even regular folks who largely consumed rather than created content were weary of not being able to find what they wanted on their Instagram feeds. This reinforced our decision; something was broken, and rather than wait or whine about it, we had to find a way to achieve our mission with the tools available to us.

We received a tremendous groundswell of support from our community: we’d assumed that we’d resonate with the content creators who were burning out fruitlessly like us, but it turned out that even folks who mostly consumed content on the platform were weary of not seeing stuff they wanted to on their feeds. The biggest bucket of comments was just empathy and support, and it was just heart-warming.”

He further added, “The most common comment we received was one of empathy & support, and this reminded us of the amazing community that had gathered around us on the platform. We worked harder than ever during our hiatus but we have never felt more energized. We now believe we have found the path to doing deep, educational content on food, fitness & nutrition while also enabling everyone who wants this content to have access to it.”

The post also stated the brand’s intention to come back on the platform with newer and more interesting things for the audience.