Prasad Shejale on the making of the LS Digital-Langoor entity

Pranali Tawte
Sep 21, 2022 06:34 IST
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LS Digital-Langoor

Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, LS Digital narrates the tale behind LS Digital-Langoor integration and what it means for the collective brand.

In conversation with Prasad Shejale, Social Samosa unravels the story behind the LS Digital-Langoor acquisition. An independent comprehensive digital marketing and transformation company, Logicserve Digital, introduced its brand-new persona, "LS Digital," to its stakeholders and customers a few weeks ago. While changing its name from Logicserve Digital to LS Digital, the company has kept the logo's design and fluidity. The agency further partnered with the digital-first creative firm Langoor to bolster its service offerings for CX, digital design, and Web 3.0. Keeping with its new aim, it will start by broadening its global reach.

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Please take us through they journey of becoming LS Digital

We started its journey in 2006, when digital was a nice-to-have medium and mainly focused on a few digital channels and thus mainly media. Digital marketing was (and in some cases now too) equated to Media only. In the last 16 years, we have seen digital-first brands disrupt many industries. Traditional brands are changing rapidly to make digital the focus area. It's a survival battle for many and they need to transform marketing with digital at the core.

Logicserve Digital’s new narrative is to provide best of breed  Digital Marketing Transformation platform formed by several expert companies coming together. A one-stop service provider to help brands across the 6 important areas: Media, UI/UX, Creative & Communication, CX (Martech), Data & Insights, and Tech Innovations.

This transformation into a dynamic entity with a renewed vision, “to help brands enable and accelerate their digital marketing transformation to stay relevant to their ever-changing, digitally-enabled consumers”, will be building upon its existing media capabilities and help better serve the Indian market while setting the stage to becoming a leader in the global digital marketing landscape.

Tell us more about the LS Digital- Langoor acquisition story

Our new narrative is to provide best of breed Digital Marketing Transformation platform formed by several expert companies coming together. 

We firmly believes that the best of breed founder driven companies with huge expertise, potential and desire to change the landscape of the Digital Marketing Transformation need to come under one platform i.e. “LS Digital”.

In keeping with its new vision to expand its global footprint, the company has boarded digital-first creative agency Langoor to strengthen its service offerings for CX, digital design and Web 3.0.

A brief insight into this partnership? What does it mean for LS Digital and Langoor?

Langoor merging with LS Digital adds very strong service offerings under CX. Their path-breaking projects in the metaverse have enabled some of the big global brands to test waters in the metastore and Web 3.0, grabbing the first-mover advantage in their respective industries. Their marketing automation experience across consumers and enterprise global brands gives us the edge in providing complete digital transformation services to customers. 

The company and the agency share a very similar corporate vision to become an Indian global company. Coming together will enable us to achieve success on a much larger scale.

What arthe key focus areas for LS Digital in the next few quarters

We have big plans. We are not just an agency but a transformative platform, which is why we are also rebranding the company as LS Digital. It’s a platform that will provide brands with integrated solutions across the consumer's journey.

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