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Branded Content is a way of marketing that blends into the content narrative seamlessly, without it being in the audience's face. Here's a list of such campaigns that stood out.

Have you ever looked at a piece of advertisement and didn’t feel like it was one? Well, there’s a chance that you are looking at a branded content campaign. In the past, there have been many such examples of brands creating advertisements that have seamlessly blended with the content and delivered their objective without being in the face. An example of branded content campaigns that stands out would be Coca-Cola’s Coke Studio. 

Branded content, sometimes mixed up with product placement or content marketing, is designed by the advertisers and the brand in such a way that it builds awareness for the brand by being integrated into content that shares similar values.

Brands today focus on what the audiences' wants, and what the audience doesn’t want is an ad interrupting their watch time. even in skippable ads, the entire focus is on waiting for the skip button to appear. And thus, branded content is a way of integrating the brand into the audience's life. 

An exceptional example of branded content would be Tata's Tiago and TVF's Tripling series which is a show based on a road trip. This branded content campaign stands out the most as the brand usage is seamlessly blended into the show hence creating a pleasant watch for the audience.

Another such example would be when Bosch Home India collaborated with content creators, Girliyapa for the No More Dish Stress campaign, creating a three-part web series titled Mr & Mrs, which helped the brand disseminate its campaign message through humour and snackable content.

Similarly, recently Hyundai and global boy band and K-pop sensation BTS collaborated and recorded a version of the group’s song ‘Yet to Come’ which emphasized the climax to deliver the cheering message for ‘Goal of the Century’ and anticipation toward the World Cup.

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There are many more brands that have integrated their brand message by conceptualizing their ads in a way that isn’t direct or obvious yet comes across perfectly. 

Let’s take a look at some more examples of such branded content campaigns. 

Girlyapa x BOSCH Dishware - Husband ki House Party


Tata Tiago x TVF -Ttripling


NEXA's Highway Dreams

The Timeliner x Tally - Baap Beta Aur Office

MG Motor's #SGMeetsMG

Gobble X Hyundai - Love Travel Repeat

ScoopWhoop x KFC - The Chicken Leg Piece Song

OK Tested x Zomato

OnePlus x Spotify - Red Cable Sessions


Being Indian x Maruti Suzuki Arena - Ek Extra Mile

Hyundai x BTS - Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)

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