Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Joins YouTube

After making us believe that the govt. has woken up to social media when PMO joined Twitter and then crushing it by clamping down on various twitter handles last month, Centre has again made a move that makes us more hopeful.

Hopeful that it finally stops fighting social media and joins it instead.

As reported by PTI, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting now has a dedicated YouTube channel of its own. This channel will feature videos about various conferences, speeches and other initiatives taken by the government.

A statement issued by a ‘well-placed’ source to PTI:

This is an initiative to bring the government’s plans to the homes of the people and a detailed planning was done to launch this content. For around three months, top officials held meetings to discuss how this medium can be used to spread awareness about government initiatives.

Is it any good?

I would rather not comment on the content as I personally find it boring. But I am sure there are people out there who will be interested in it.

The videos remind of the Doordarshan era though. They could have made it more modern considering the fact that the social media population (especially the YouTube ones) are evolved now. They are used to HD videos and high quality editing. But the channel dishes out videos that will either make you close the tab or do a facepalm.

At the time of writing, the channel has got almost 2000 views. But only time will tell how many eyeballs these videos garner.