Social Media Agency Feature: Daadiwala Communications

Who are we?

Daadiwala Communications is a glocal agency, specializing in ‘Content Marketing’ that was launched in June 2013 and works from our collaborative office space at Bombay Connect in Mumbai. The agency delivers content marketing strategic plans and creates custom content (Photo Essay’s and Business Documentaries). The agency also specifically works with unique smaller & medium sized businesses.

daadiwala communication content marketing agency

Meet the Founder/Director at Daadiwala Communications:

Jason Menezes – He is an ex-event guy, currently content marketing evangelist & the founder of Daadiwala. Starting from scratch in content marketing last year and working with a range of unique businesses and brands like Sony Music, Kingston Technology (India), Split Sole Dance Academy, Style Cracker, Elefantastic, Janacare, Matsya and a host of others has been his greatest and most satisfying achievement. Prior to Daadiwala, He has 4 years of social media consulting experience across agencies like WAT Consult, Drizzlin, Story Ninja, OML Digital, Triature on some of the unique brands and businesses who were their clients.

daadiwala communications


daadiwala communications social  media agency

What’s in the name?

Honestly, Daadiwala as an agency name is open to interpretation but we believe the name is quite a glocal conversation starter; it showcases the rawness of a unique idea and it personifies the courageous entrepreneur.

We’ve made entrepreneurs, probable hires, friends and people at large get a smile on their face with this agency name, so we stand by our decision of naming it ‘Daadiwala’.

What we do?

  • Content Marketing Consulting (Charged Per Hour)
  • Custom Content Creation – Photo Essay’s and Business Documentaries (Charged On Scope Of Work)

Why we do it?

Our collective experience of Social Media and Event Management for the last 9 years has only complimented the evangelism of Content Marketing.

A single quote will explain why we do what we do – ‘We love what we do because we’re good at what we do because we love what we do’.

How we evolve?

We respect the growing social media industry but more than getting lost in the many trends and predictions, we continuously work at:

  • Learning the art of unlearning
  • Making ourselves more approachable to people not just clients
  • Involving ourselves in a community of do-gooders
  • Loving content more and more
  • Understanding the stories (about their culture, people, passion) of businesses across the world
  • Going back to our roots of content creation 

These are some of the things that keep we do to keep up and evolve as an agency.

Social responsibility in social media

We started the agency to create a sense of respect for content amongst smaller and medium businesses across the world.

We take this as our responsibility to interact with social businesses and help them understand the power of content creation and social media marketing for a negligible service charge or nothing at all.

And our office is therefore at a collaborative workplace where we keep interacting with such businesses on a regular basis.

Need of the hour

The small businesses should respect the time invested to share ideas and pay per hour.

We learned the hard way

Yes, we did. We under-sold our services and got part of a community which does social media donkey-work for 10,000 to 20,000 INR for the longest time. Now we value our time way more than earlier and are super-confident of our services.

Did we just share that?

No amusing client experiences.

They work with us

  • Split Sole Dance Academy
  • Elefantastic – An Elephants Farm
  • matsya

Industry as we foresee

Compared to 15-20 years ago before social media really exploded, we have more opportunities than ever to engage with audiences through the delivery of original online content. It’s widely believed that content is the future of marketing, but exactly how content marketing will impact the industry in the next five years is impossible to predict because it’s evolving at such a rapid pace.

A day without Internet


It will give us a chance read some books we would’ve never read, wrote some stories we would have never written, make some (photo & video) business documentaries, do a smile campaign for the world, volunteer for social causes that matter to our organization collectively and do a lot more.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Not at this moment.