PM Vs Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech on Social Media [Report]

Social media plays a growing role in Indian political scenario. In India, it serves as the freedom to get their voices heard and for people to get involved. The Nation did compare Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech on Red fort and the speech that followed later in RR Lalan College in Bhuj, Gujarat, by Narendra Modi.

The online web was quick to react.

Manmohan Singh Vs Narendra Modi


Konnect Social has created a report on the online conversations around Narendra Modi vs PM Manmohan Singh after their speeches on the Independence Day.

The Online Reputation and Social Monitoring tool Konnect Social has analyzed conversations on the web. It has added search terms related to Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh as well as some interesting analysis from mainstream news sites, blogs, comments, discussion forums and Twitter.

The analysis in the report is focused on what is said on mainstream news vs blogs and forums. The automated sentiment analysis feature of the tool is used to analyze the negative vs positive sentiment.

Here is a glimpse of the enthusiastic response by the Digital world.