Social Media Raises Funds to Teach Photography to Deaf Students

DO Right

There are scores of people out there on social media platforms who talk about changing the world, who talk about adding value to the society. But there are very few who actually make it happen.

#HalfStories by Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is one such activity that aims to reach out to the doers on social media. Which is what inspired us to associate with the movement.

In #HalfStories, our Do Righter is on a journey to the untouched corners of India looking for tales of courage and determination and to mobilize support for them.

You can check our previous #HalfStories where people on social media came together and helped a nomadic shepherd with a survival kit, helped a carpenter acquire tools to create exotic musical instruments and also bought 10 heaters for the school kids in Manali this winter!

The next stop in our journey was the Koshish School for the Deaf

A Struggle to Empower Students with Hearing Difficulties

Koshish School for the Deaf is a gritty tale of helping children overcome their limitations. The school is a great example of solving real-life problems wherein it makes use of all the latest technological advancements to make deaf students understand and recognize speech.

They are also taught to be independent through vocational training- one of which can be photography. If only they could buy cameras…Sigh! Oh wait, they can now!

Watch their story:

Social Media Unites to Fulfil Their Half-Story

Did you check the photographs clicked by the students in the video above? Would have been great if we could help them with cameras which they could use to improvise their photography skills?

Do Right decided to raise Rs. 31,500 to buy 2 cameras for Koshish School for Deaf so that the students can learn one more vocational skill- photography; which would be raised via social media. And it was done in no time!

Yes, people went beyond armchair activism on social networks and added real value to the lives of students of Koshish School. And now, these students can click better pics than you do on Instagram ;)

But there is more to be done

Social media has already helped us raise the requisite amount. But we would also love it if you can share this wonderful story with your friends and family. Share it on Facebook, tweet to your followers or even blog about it. Any help in spreading the word around is appreciated. You can shout from the rooftops too!

Also, because there is more to be done, more stories to be completed.

In the age we all live in, social media is the common thread that connects us all. So let us all come together and fulfill these incomplete #HalfStories.