5 Best Social Media Campaigns Of May 2014

Social Media Campaigns May 2014

Berger Paint’s: Easy Clean India Campaign

Berger Paint’s Easy Clean India Campaign, covered seven prevalent issues in India and enabled people to vote for the issue they would like to wipe away. There was a dedicated microsite for this, additionally the campaign was spread over YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to increase reach. On Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag #EasyCleanIndia was used and on Facebook, their page was ‘Like Gated’.

The best thing about the campaign is its simplicity, and that it’s spread across platforms. This is what made the campaign a huge success in sync with the issues that were undertaken by the microsite. The collaboration of social media and social issues was seamlessly undertaken by the company.


TrulyMadly’s: #BreakingStereotypes Campaign

Truly Madly, ‘India’s Modern Matchmakers’ brought about their #BreakingStereotypes campaign in the social media space, where rebellion is not just welcome, but relished. The campaign was a huge hit with the youth who dwell in rebellion, so that their rationale trumps.

The campaign aimed at breaking all racial, communal, regional and communal stereotypes caught the right nerve and struck the right chord with their audiences with their interesting campaign ideas.


Social Recruiting Campaign by Experience Commerce

Indubitably, one of the most unique campaign is this one by Experience Commerce. Have you ever heard of anyone hiring on social media? This Digital Agency came out with its campaign, Mission _i_ing, where the HR goes missing. Catchy phrases like these and the uniqueness of the campaign is makes it stand out. And to top it off, who better than a digital media agency for a social media campaign?

They took on the daunting task on recruiting via social media where they aimed at hiring 30 people in 60 days. The campaign was mostly to be found on their website and Facebook page, and was a great effort by the team.

experience commerce

LG India’s Knock Code Feature Campaign

LG India brilliantly promoted its #Knockcode feature through YouTube and Vine videos. The knock code feature is an innovation by LG, which allows for over 80,000 lock combinations, using between two to eight taps for the knock code.

The highlight of this campaign was the way Vine and YouTube videos were used. The videos went viral on Facebook and Twitter due to its adorable videos. In the second phase of the campaign, LG was posting two videos each day! The integration, across the platforms LG used for this campaign, was executed smoothly. This is what further drove the campaign among audiences


Pepsi Gamifies IPL On Twitter With Pepsi Tweet20

With many facets to it, this campaign is undoubtedly an amazing one by Pepsi. IPL always has various different contests which is always a hit among cricket enthusiasts. This edition of Pepsi also had many contests, That Pepsi Intern Campaign for instance.

All their features attributed to a greater engagement rate, especially since the ‘Gameplay’ revolution. The Race to the VIP box also made fans go gaga, also, since you could play with your friends, the experience got even more exciting for the fans.

This campaign is indubitably among the best from this month as it captivated a lot of audiences.