Facebook 101: Everything a Fresher Needs to Know About Facebook Marketing


We have collated a list of 10 articles that we covered in the past, that will help any fresher understand the basics of Facebook marketing. These have been carefully picked to teach you everything from creating a Facebook page to getting the initial likes and so on.

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Creation

2. 8 Tips for Newbies to Create an Engaging Facebook Page

Facebook helps you reach different kinds of people all over the world. With proper planning and information you can use a Facebook page to the best of your interests. Read more here.

3. How to Get the Initial Likes to a New Facebook Page

Everyone has taken up to Facebook so how do you plan on attaining those initial likes to get the ball rolling? Here are a few points that could help.

4. Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook Image Sizes

You can build and maintain a solid, consistent brand on Facebook through updates, posts and sharing photos of your work, products and services. Read more here.

5. 10 Tools To Create Great Facebook Cover Photos

Timeline cover picture was the latest update that changed how we looked at a brand or a profile. So, we all know how important cover pictures are.

6. Facebook Groups vs Pages

A round table, a few suited men and a lot of blabbering. A podium, a guest speaker and a massive cheering crowd. Now both these situations sound familiar. And that’s the analogy used to speak about Facebook Groups vs Pages and Facebook Groups respectively.

7. 5 Basic Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Engaging friends and fans on Facebook is not that simple as it looks. Big brands and mostly renowned organizations generally possess the power of a vast offline presence and as a by-product also carry a ready-made reputation. Read more here.

8. The Three Basic Social Media Goals for Brands

Brands on Social Media basically strive for three long term goals:

  • Increase in Sales
  • Lower Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

9. A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Page Insights

10. A Facebook Campaign: Cadbury Celebrations Personalizes User Experience through #MeethiMemories Illustrations

Cadbury Celebrations has been one of the few brands in India who has invested in the digital medium wholeheartedly and in turn reaped results in form of long lasting branding. Read about the campaign here.