#KalyanLoveMoments: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with great content

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The season of love approaches, and nothing says love like the shimmer of gold and the sparkle of diamonds. To profess the priceless bond needs something special, and this season Kalyan Jewellers seem to have struck the right cord with #KalyanLoveMoments.

Looking forward to the years that are to be spent together, and commemorating the years that have gone by, standing side by side, it all dates back to our #MomentOfLove.

Collaborating with the ironically named Terribly Tiny Tales,Kalyan Jewellers bring us #KalyanLoveMoment , as they celebrate the uncanny and unspoken, small yet significant, moments that are the beginning of a lifetime. Moments that change the course of every relationship.

1. The best way to decorate a home is fill it up with your loved ones.

2. Rivals for 90 minutes. Partners for a lifetime.

3. The language of love is conveyed, not spoken.

4. Good things come to people who wait.

5. Stronger with time. A bond forged in love, commitment and the seven vows.

6. Gestures that restore faith in love.

7. Travel often. With the one you love, and for the one you love, travel absolutely.

8. Your special someone sparkles like no other.

9. Love transforms, transports and transcends.

10. A window, to peek into her soul. To gaze upon the beauty she hides from the world.

11. Destiny laughs at our plans. It sneaks up on all of us.

12.The journey of a lifetime is made up of short ones like these.

13. Beautiful to watch, and we do not know how it occurs. Love and magic.

This is indeed a refreshing change to the brand’s communication strategy. Earlier the brand ethos focussed on story-telling with a traditional approach and ambassadors from the Bachchan family but this campaign with Terribly Tiny Tales comes across as a bold move from Kalyan Jewellers to build new and younger audiences. All the traditional brands out there can take away some interesting story-telling lessons from this approach.

#1 - Create, Co-Create and Curate Great Content

Millennials these days are hooked to amazing content and they have a strong affinity to share content which strikes a chord. Take them along in your journey to create content which resonates with your brand’s values

#2 - When in Rome, blend with Romans

The legacy Kalyan Jewellers entails lends them visibility and awareness amongst traditional audiences but to tap on the new age audiences the brand had to experiment with the theme and platforms. The effort to connect with this new audience would definitely reciprocate in one way or the other.

#3- Live the Moment

Social Media universe is all about moments and the onus is on your brand to identify the moments which can be leveraged for brand-win. The season of love and valentines seems like a perfect fit for the brand in question!

#4 - Find the Right Hood

The efforts of telling a great story might just fall flat if it does not reach out to your audience. It’s imperative to find them at the right place at the right time with the right context. The association with terribly tiny tales completes the full circle needed to breach the tenets of virality.

Think there are more #KalyanLoveMoments and lessons to this long tale? Share your thoughts with us at or head to one of these beautiful tale now!

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