A look at Digital marketing campaigns on Social Samosa this week

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the digital marketing campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly social media and digital marketing campaigns roundup this week is once again found a strong presence from Indian Premier League themed campaigns from Wrogn, and Kingfisher. Coca Cola extended their ‘Share A Coke’ campaign to India while popular home insecticide brand Hit launched their World Malaria Day campaign with comedian Suresh Menon.

Additionally this week, Social Samosa looks back at some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns over the years, and we also celebrated the birthday of national icon Sachin Tendulkar, curating a list of some of the best traditional and digital marketing campaigns featuring the Master Blaster.

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WROGN creates a whacky social media show format ft Virat Kohli this IPL

Marking their presence in IPL 2018, WROGN India launched WROGN in 60 Seconds, featuring Virat Kohli, arguably one of India’s most popular active cricketers.

Virat Kohli hosts a wacky game show titled, ‘Wrogn in 60 seconds’ where everything is ‘Wrogn’, featuring other cricketers as participants such as Brendom McCullum, Ashish Nehra, Yuzvendra Chahal and Umesh Yadav as give answers to questions they don’t know. Read more about it here.

Legendary Sachin Tendulkar campaigns perfect for nostalgia

As the master blaster turns 45, Social Samosa takes a look at some of the most crucial and best Sachin Tendulkar campaigns.

Right from Band Aid, Synergy Action Shoes to the cult Pepsi ads, brand Sachin Tendulkar is a marketing phenomenon that covered brands across industries. The fact that ‘Aila Sachin’ still manages to evoke a sea of emotions led nostalgia, proves the success of Brand Sachin in the formative years of Indian marketing (and even after). Check out our list of the best Sachin Tendulkar campaigns over the years and read more about it here.

How the world learnt to share a Coca Cola….

The rise and rise of Share a Coke has been a marketing marvel to say the least. Now with the India leg in full on action, Social Samosa take’s a look at how the Share a Coke campaign came into being.

What started as a 2011 summer campaign in Australia has now spread to over 50 countries across the globe, including India. Bringing Share a Coke to India, Coca Cola has taken a step to hit the Indian consumer with the power of relationships, illustrating how the brand can play an essential part in the expression of love. Read more about it here.

HIT’s World Malaria Day campaign ft Suresh Menon attempts to tickle the funny bone

HIT’s World Malaria Day campaign features comedy artist Suresh Menon, on various ways through which people kill time on social media. The video is titled Social Media Pe Machchar Marne Waale.

In the video, Suresh Menon, in a stand-up act, narrates the various ways in which people kill time on social media.Through this stand-up comedy act, Menon sets a friendly reminder for people to find time from their busy social media lives to kill real mosquitoes with Kala HIT and fight malaria. Read more about it here.

Some of the best mother’s day campaigns over the years

As we inch closer to Mother’s Day, Social Samosa presents a list of some of the best mother’s day campaigns the digital marketing ecosystem boasts of.

Right from highlighting the scarifies made by a mother to respecting the role of a single father in the upbringing of the child, every theme is exploited to give a visual treat to the audiences. Featuring Mother’s Day campaigns from brands such as JK Tyre, Tanishq, Nivea and more. Read the full story here.

Kingfisher roles out Indian Prank League as a part of ongoing IPL campaign

Kingfisher introduces the‘Indian Prank League’ as part of its IPL campaign, Divided by teams, united by Kingfisher, celebrating the spirit of the game featuring players from IPL teams Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals and more.

Kingfisher brings a sense of fun and youthfulness to this matchup of tough competitors since the brand is known for bringing people together for the good times. Read more about it here.

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