5 monsoon campaigns for some good old nostalgia…

monsoon campaigns

You can, of course, open the curtain and look outside. But why do so when you can laze around in bed over the weekend and watch feel-good monsoon campaigns online?

Monsoon is the time to take shelter and be indoors unless you love to get soaked dancing in the rain. Especially ones travelling with laptops and other such essentials would agree that it can be terrifying to be out when the sky is grey. Here, we bring you a selected few monsoon campaigns, along with reasons as to why you should watch them. Read closely for you may even find a few branding lessons in disguise.

Paper Boat

Paper Boat never fails to intimately incorporate their brand values and logo in all their creatives. The results are not only heartwarming but also ones that have a great chance of brand recall at the time of buying beverages. Playing nostalgia card at its finest, this advertisement talks not to the adult who supposedly has the control of the scrolling but to the little kid who will never outgrow the simple joy of rowing a paper boat!


Children catching infections during monsoon is something that worries parents to no end. However, armed with Dettol, the woes seem to subside enough to sing a jingle — or so is the case with the mom in this advertisement. It is not just a heartwarming video but a much-needed reassurance to the troubled souls responsible for their little ones.

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Surf Excel

Somehow growing up, we never realise how and when joyous puddles turn into dangerous potholes. This shift in perspective is perhaps what one can call adulting, helping brands cash in on the nostalgia. A sweet tale of a brother taking ‘revenge’ on a puddle for making her sister cry is perhaps the best thing you can watch in 40 seconds this weekend. And, of course, recall the brand’s message of how Daag Acche Hai!

Sunrise Valley Resort

Love riding and planning vacations during whatever little holiday window you find in your busy schedule? Here’s one advertisement to motivate you further. Selling the idea of a vacation to promote a hotel is perhaps the oldest tricks in the book, but when it’s so refreshing and beautiful to look at, who would complain?

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Okay, now that you are done going on a nostalgic ride and plan a dream vacation, let’s get back to prepping yourself for *sigh* the Monday! Are you ready to let go of your bed and go back to the office to a steaming cup of coffee and considerable workload? Neither are we, but then who will write these articles for you? Now, off you go! Be an all-weather person, if not tyre!

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