Social Media News Round Up: Facebook’s fact-checking, Rosetta, LinkedIn’s dynamic ads and more

news roundup

Social media sites are constantly coming up and updating with newer, user friendly features. They’re always trying to make it more convenient for the users so as to keep playing the game. Here is our weekly roundup of all that happened in the world of social media news.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest news, platform updates and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. This week’s social media news was dominated by Rosetta (Facebook’s new AI), Twiter’s video partnerships, Instagram’s Parental guide and more.

Check out all the other important social media news and updates that surfaced online this week.

Facebook feelings the ripples of EU Article 13? Expands fact-checking to photos and videos

While the social media giant claims to be fighting fake news through Facebook Fact checkers, the system is very much in line with the very controversial EU Article 13.Read more here.

Rosetta is here – Facebook’s AI system to identify contextual content on images

Facebook is creating an AI system called Rosetta to identify text and content on pictures. Read more here.

Facebook Advertisers can now see where the ads might appear on in-stream videos

Facebook is giving a complete view to the advertisers, on how and where their ads will be placed before the campaign is launched. Read more here.

Twitter pushes original content with premium video content partnerships in Asia Pacific

Twitter unveils over 50 premium video content collaborations, bringing hundreds of hours of live stream and video highlights programming, across sports, entertainment and news, to the platform. Read more here.

Introducing LinkedIn Dynamic Ads in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are now available directly in the Campaign Manager. Whether you’re running campaigns on your own via self-service or working with your trusted LinkedIn account team, it’s easier than ever to send personalized ads to every professional in your target audience across LinkedIn’s desktop experience. Read more here.

Testing: Instagram’s new video-tagging feature

Instagram is testing a new feature which would let users tag a person on an uploaded video. User may tag people appearing in the video or the ones they want to notify about the post. Read more here.

Twitter takes steps to raise awareness on suicide prevention on World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day and the theme for this year is ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’. In recognition of this important event, Twitter, in partnership with the International Association for Suicide Prevention, is launching a special emoji in the shape of an orange ribbon – the international symbol for World Suicide Prevention Day. Read more here.

Instagram shares tips and tricks for parents with a Parent’s Guide

Instagram is launched A Parent’s Guide, a new resource for parents with teens who use Instagram to aid them in creating safer online spaces for children. Read more here.

Twitter recorded 12 million Tweets during#AsianGames2018

The #AsianGames2018 in Indonesia have ended and it played out on Twitter in a big way. Whether it was to celebrate victories, watch live matches analysis and commentaries, or to show support for athletes; people across Asia and around the world came to Twitter to see and share what’s happening with the event and to talk about it. Read more here.