Snapchat introduces Snap Camera to integrate lenses with desktop

Paawan Sunam
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Snap Camera

Snapchat has introduced Snap Camera, a free desktop application allowing users to use lenses while using their computer.

The Snap Camera lenses can be used while recording a YouTube video, using Skype, or streaming on Twitch. The application has integrated with these apps, Snapchat announced in its official blog.

Snapchat Snap Camera free desktop application lenses computer

The lenses can also be used while playing games like League Of Legends, World Of Warcraft and additional game-themed lenses, have also been released.

Snapchat Snap Camera free desktop application lenses computer

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Snapchat account is not required to login to the app. To start using Snap Camera, download the app, the app syncs with the camera connected and works with some the video platforms and other apps.

Snapchat Snap Camera free desktop application lenses computer

The users would not be able to login to their account through this app but would have access to the thousands of lenses made available through Lens Studio. Users can search for lenses using keywords, mark them as favorites, browse them in the tab showing most recently used ones.

Snapchat Snap Camera free desktop application lenses computer

The platform’s daily active users have gone down to 186 million users from 188 million since it’s last quarter according to their recent earnings report. While Facebook, who duplicated Stories and launched it on all platforms they own and the native one, is soaring.

Snapchat recently has been making efforts to stay relevant in the game, through innovative steps like collaborating with Amazon for visual search, launching Snap Originals, numerous original video-series and introducing cat lenses. The user-base is seeing a dip since the recent years, however, it may rise hereafter.

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