Brands bet big on social experiments and real stories in advertising

Sneha Yadav
Dec 12, 2018 11:49 IST
social experiments in advertising

Social experiment is a go to thing for marketers nowadays. While some live to be telling the tale forever striking the right note, a few are just considered to be marketing gimmick.

There is a lot more to advertising today. The journey of the ad world from only selling a product to narrating thought provoking stories imbibed from societal values is worth taking cognizance of. Brands, in current times are looking to break barriers, myths, stereotypes and go beyond displaying their products which has been replaced by storytelling and social experiments today.

Much has been spoken about 'causevertising' and purpose driven commercials. Its no more a game of roping in high-end celebrity or specifications of the product- social realism in advertising has occupied those seats. Getting on board real people for the narrative and featuring their emotions on screen makes a viewers connect to their story on a much larger scale than a celebrity voicing the product specifications. It’s the real voice that gets heard and so the social experiments.

While a few marketers stick to a cause like supporting gender equality issues or women empowerment a few others choose to experiment with different thought processes and execute the same in an impactful manner. Subtly integrating the product in the video, marketers are now well equipped with the art of storytelling and standing true to the purpose of advertising which has always been a mirror to its people.

Let’s have a look at some of the hard hitting social experiments in Indian advertising which hit the right tunes with the consumers.

Titan Octane- #BeASport


Britannia Marie Gold- #KyunkiBahutKuchHaiKarna

Vicks- One In A Million #TouchOfCare


United Colors of Benetton #UnitedByHope


Avon India #PayAttention


Red Label India- Taste of Togetherness

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Jeep India- My Jeep Story 

Mirinda India- #ReleaseThePressure 

Generations Apart - A Social Experiment by Heineken for India


Daily Hunt-Har Bhasha Equal


Horlicks Passion Paathshaala

Shell Lubricants- The Bangalore Bat Doctor

The Last Meal #QuakerFeedAChild 

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