Snapchat launches lenses for four-legged pups

Paawan Sunam
New Update

After providing the users with the famed dog-face filters for you, Snapchat is now launching face-filters for your dogs. Also they had not so long ago launched cat lenses.

Few of the numerous filters include pizza-donuts, butterfly on the nose, specs, reindeer head bands, treats on the mind, and more. Let the photos of your dogs get cuter than ever.

Most of the younger generation which also happens to be the core audience of social media specifically Snapchat are pet lovers. Top two pets are without doubt, dogs and cats. Snapchat may have already raised engagement attracted from cat lovers and now they're tapping the left out and the more promising audience.

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Adding filters to your pets is becoming the next fun thing to do on Snapchat. Dogs are the most popular pet on the internet, according to several reports (calm yourself cat lover). Searches for dog videos exceeded searches for cat videos in 2014 and has remained higher ever since.

Object-recognition has become an integral part of Snapchat. They collaborated with Amazon in September for Visual Search which would allow users to search for a product by pointing their app’s camera to a physical product or it’s barcode.

It's USP has shifted from Stories to its camera and filters. The company also recently introduced Snap Camera to integrate lenses with desktop and also launched Lens Challenges.

Snapchat may have a shrinking user base but they don't fail to keep coming up with experimental features.

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