Facebook releases a guide on changing Key Audience Moments to help marketers

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Facebook report 'Moments that bring people closer together', explains how consumer behavior has expanded from calendar-based events to ephemeral & real-time events.

The report further elaborates how marketers can utilize these moments to turn them into opportunities.

Key moments are categorised as Once-a-day moments: Everyday activities like preparing a meal or a solo morning run; Once-a-year moments like a birthday; Once-in-a-while moments like becoming a parent or the ones that bring large groups together.

Once-a-day moments have transformed from routines & habits to interactions and connections through video Stories and livestreaming. Moments like the morning coffee, watching TV, commute and more offers opportunities to marketers.


Once-a-year moments, on the other hand, are now discussed and celebrated over a span of several days or weeks. Brands can get creative with shared traditions and references through branded content, sponsorship takeovers and more & connect with things that matter the most: family, friends, and passion.


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Brands can leverage such events with Custom Audiences through personalization. Other Once-a-year moments like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day means increased spends through mobile shopping. During Singles’ Day 2018, mobile accounted for 86% of all transactions visible to Facebook globally.

The Carnival moment is another highly discussed topic, Instagram observed 600 million Carnival-related interactions globally and 5.7 million people on Facebook were interested in or attended an event related to Carnival in Brazil in 2018. Brands need to be prepared to serve the needs of the audience during such events in real-time.

Chevrolet's “Find New Roads” campaign to make the most of the global New Year’s moment. The campaign reached 200 million people worldwide with 460 million video views.

Once-in-a-while moments or milestones like getting married or becoming a parent are significant to the audience. If or when people look upto Facebook or Instagram for recommendations or advice for large purchases like a new car, house and more, brands can hone such opportunities with creative campaigns, by being a part of such campaigns by demonstrating purpose and value.


During instances like moving to a new house, a Facebook IQ study from countries like UK, France & more, three-quarters said that their mobile phone was the only way to stay connected while moving, and 70% said it was also their main source of media entertainment during this period.

Facebook IQ commissioned US study showed, on average, 74% of parents of newborns say they use Facebook every day and 3 in 4 new parents visited Facebook to get recommendations from family and friends for products and services.

Brands can add up additional explanations in their campaigns for such intances, as the audience is looking for as much information as they can get their hands on through their mobile phones.

Movements like #metoo & #timesup are also huge discussions. Brands can associate with such movements become a voice or provide a voice during such moents and associate witha a positive change in the society and fulfil CSR.

Moreover, brands can tap global sporting moments by harnessing the excitement before and after the event and not just during the event. Also, focus on complementary mediums to take a multichannel approach.

Seeking the right signals, paying attention to global trends and having a voice or giving others a voice are effective methods.

These moments will help marketers and agencies to gain a better understanding of what matters to audiences. The behavioral shifts require a new sort of media plan that can build brands through moments-based strategic campaign development.

While making a moments-based media plan, you need to make sure to build an audience that scales, build messaging that stands up, and build it for where people are.

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