Instagram is testing AR Effects, AR Stickers & more

Paawan Sunam
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Instagram AR Effects

The photo-sharing platform is testing Instagram AR Effects and Stickers for Stories and a feature for post creation.

Instagram AR Effects for Story being tested would allow you to place a background from Camera Roll. So, when you click a photo from Instagram's Story Camera, you can also edit it by placing a background from your Camera Roll with the built-in AR Background Story Effect.

An AR Effect Sticker is another feature being worked on, by the platform. The AR Effect Sticker is kind of an extension of the AR Story Effect.

As explained by Jane Wong, If you snapped a Story with AR Effect, Instagram will provide a sticker for that effect for you to share it out.

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It's unclear what the 'Suggested Photos' being tested would do. Although, it may be an additional grid of suggested photos that you can upload for a post.

If rolled out, you would find the 'Suggested Photos' section in the new Post Creation Camera Roll Picker.

Instagram is a bit late to the AR party. Snapchat has already spearheaded the AR game with an estimated 400,000 AR Lenses and a Snapchat AR Bar with a Scan button.

Snapchat has also launched a Snapchat Lens Creative Partners program that builds AR lenses specifically for brands and they also allow independent creators to create AR Filters.

Additionally, Snapchat has previously also associated with Warner Bros, Netflix & more and has created lenses for Shazam!, Venom, Stranger Things and more.

YouTube has also introduced an AR feature for YouTube Stories that lets you add layers to Stories like animated masks, glasses, 3D hats and more.

While Snapchat & YouTube have already upped the ante, Instagram has just started testing AR features which will take more time to be released (if it gets released).

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