YouTube Kids to get it's own website

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids on the web now has it's own website, built to create an environment for kids that inclines with their interests.

Parents will still be able to see watch history, flag content, and choose from the new age group content settings, although presently there is no option to sign in.

You will also be able to select from three different age groups to choose the right content for your kid:

Preschool (ages 4 & under)

  • Designed to allow kids to watch videos that promote creativity, playfulness, learning, & exploration.

Younger (ages 5-7)

  • Designed to allow kids to explore their interests and search for a wide variety of topics, including songs, cartoons, crafts, & more.

Older (ages 8-12)

  • Designed to allow kids with growing independence to search & explore additional music videos, gaming, family vlogs, science, and more.

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Content recommendations and Search Results will also be based on the mode you select. You can also choose 'Approved Content Only'. However, kids won’t be able to search for videos in this mode.

YouTube has always been prone to being not safe for minors and has gone back & forth with making improvements and changes on the platform.

In early 2019, Disney, Nestle and Epic Games reportedly paused advertising on YouTube after a network started spreading videos of nude children alongside adverts of various cosmetic and car brands.

In June 2019, YouTube disallowed minors to go live without adults, disables comments and limits recommendations.

The platform was also thinking removing children’s videos completely from the platform and moving it to YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids on the Web will be launched within a week's time.

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