Snapchat introduces Dynamic Ads

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat dynamic ads

Snapchat dynamic ads have been introduced on the platform to aid performance marketers in creating mobile ads at scale.

Snapchat Dynamic Ads lets marketers on the platform sketch a brand's identity through mobile-native templates. The feature brings automated personalization to the platform.

A single product image can be portrayed in five different templates. The process is automated and would require minimal bandwidth. The feature will be open in beta, in the coming weeks for the United States, and will be rolled out to additional countries, in the coming months.

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The platform claims, with the early beta phase of Dynamic Ads, Vitaly (an accessories brand) observed a 21% decrease in cost per purchase and a 29% increase in return on ad spend, compared to a similar Vitaly re-engagement campaign simultaneously running in the U.S.

Online fashion boutique Princess Polly saw a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 171% increase in ROAS, compared to their similar pixel campaign simultaneously running the U.S.

Portrayal of a product in a campaign has been found to be an eminent factor in driving a product's purchase. With varied templates and an automated process, Snapchat Dynamic ads could potentially increase efficiency.

Although it depends on how the beta phase goes in the US, glitches or lags in the feature might delay its roll-out in India.

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