Snapchat increases the duration of mid-roll ads

Paawan Sunam
Nov 20, 2019 07:35 IST
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Snapchat mid-roll ads

Snapchat is capitalizing on its growth in the third quarter of 2019 and is now increasing the duration of the mid-roll ads.

Advertisers will now be able to put out Snapchat mid-roll ads up to three minutes long. Since Snapchat has integrated ads on the platform, they had capped the time limit up to 10 seconds and only gave an option to provide a Swipe-Up to show a longer video. It was not until recently in September that they introduced the up to three-minutes long ad format.

The six-second mid-roll ads (the unskippable format) was altered with an addition of a Swipe-Up, an option that can redirect a viewer to a retailer's website and more.

The latest alteration to the mid-roll ads is the increase in it's duration to up to three minutes. According to reports, the mid-roll ads will still remain unskippable for up to six seconds.

Although, the advertisers now have the option to indulge in storytelling in a longer format and communicate with the viewers who remain interested.

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Snapchat has been investing time in advertising on the platform and has been improving and introducing ad formats. The platform announced a 13% increase in Daily Active Users year-over-year to 210 million an increase in revenue.

Time spent on premium content internationally has increased by more than 55% year-over-year. With the growing numbers, Snapchat says they will continue to invest in Discover.

The third quarter has shown positive signs for advertisers to invest their spends on the platform.

And with the introduction of Dynamic Ads, longer ad formats and 'call to action' integrations, advertisers can customize strategies.

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