Social Media News Round Up: Facebook privacy breach, Pinterest AR try-on & more

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Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

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Social media news this week was dominated by a database containing phone numbers of over five hundred million Facebook users from various countries including India being up for sale via a Telegram bot, Pinterest launching virtual try-on for eyeshadow products discovered on the platform, and more.

Twitter acquires Revue to support writers with new editorial features

Twitter has acquired Revue, an editorial newsletter tool, and is integrating its Pro features to aid writers on the platform in building and monetizing their audience. Read more here.

Google launches first Indian edition of YouTube Works awards

Recognizing the adaptability of marketers to a digital-first mindset, the first India edition of YouTube Works awards has now begun accepting submissions. Red more here.

Reddit users harness the power of community to tank Gamestop hedge funds

A community on Reddit called r/wallstreetbets beat the stock market guys at their own game, by joining forces for Gamestop and showing that common people are more powerful than professional traders when they come together. Read more here.

Phone numbers of six million Indian Facebook users exposed & up for sale

A database that gives access to phone numbers and information of 533 Mn Facebook users from multiple countries including India, is up for sale via a Telegram bot. Read more here.

Bytedance lays off staffers amid no respite from TikTok ban in India

After supporting staffers for over half a year after the ban in India, TikTok has decided to scale back the size of its 2000+ workforce. Read more here.

Facebook Login on third party apps now offer a Limited Data mode

Developers of third-party apps now have the option to provide two modes of Facebook Login to their users: Classic mode and Limited Login mode, designed to give users an option to restrict the data shared. Read more here.

Twitter launches an Academic Research product track for its API

To streamline academic research on Twitter conversations, and enable qualified researchers with access to all v2 endpoints released to date, Twitter introduces a new product track. Read more here.

Pinterest introduces AR try-on for eyeshadow & expands product tagging

Pinterest is enabling new ways for users to shop by expanding product tagging on images which is in the beta phase and is introducing virtual try-on for eyeshadow. Read more here.

LinkedIn introduces conversation controls

LinkedIn has launched post viewability and conversation controls to enable users to restrict a conversation and what they share only to a specific group of connections. Read more here.

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