Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Amazon India, Tanishq, Pepsi & more

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Mar 26, 2021 14:47 IST
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Here’s to another week of some impressive social media campaigns that were rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Tanishq's wedding season offering, Pepsi's 'Distance Wali Holi', Amazon India's ode to its delivery partners, and more.


Tanishq marks the wedding season with ‘When it Rings True’ campaign

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the 90-second Tanishq brand film aims to promote its range of engagement rings to celebrate the moment of togetherness, this wedding season. Read more here.

WeWork latest campaign showcases why workspace matters

As a part of its ongoing multi-film campaign, WeWork has launched its fourth video to highlight the relevance of office spaces and in-person interactions at workplaces. Read more here.

Salman Khan urges people to celebrate ‘Distance Wali Holi’ in Pepsi’s latest spot

In a video released on Pepsi’s social media pages, the actor is seen amidst a riot of colors, delivering a pertinent message of celebrating Holi while maintaining social distancing. Read more here.

Amazon India celebrates Holi with an ode to delivery partners

The campaign unfolds with a digital film that captures how Amazon is serving its customers and the important role of delivery associates in this journey, across India. Read more here.

Long Reads

Inside: Paytm Women’s Day Social Experiment & how it unfolded…

Paytm conducted a social experiment to understand gender disparity in the context of financial literacy in India on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Social Samosa digs deeper to understand how the brand attempted to break the clutter on the occasion. Read more here.

Brand Saga: McDowell’s No.1 – An ode to ‘Yaari’ with Bollywood, sports & music

The brand has leveraged India’s passion and love for sports, Cinema, and music with the likes of MS Dhoni and Farhan for its campaigns. This week we revisit McDowell’s No.1 advertising journey to discover how the brand strived to become the equivalent of friendship in India. Read more here.

Into the future with OK Computer marketing strategy…

In an attempt to give a sneak-peak into the future, the OK Computer marketing strategy harps on the ensemble cast, meme-game, and a core message questioning the relevance of AI and technology in the modern world. We take a look. Read more here.

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Sheet Masks & Me Time: How men skincare brands break stereotypes via social media

With heavy reliance on influencers and brand ambassadors, men’s skincare brands are increasingly focussing on promoting self-care among men on social media while breaking stereotypes that promote toxic masculinity. Read more here.

Sprite Campaigns that ‘Clearly’ presented itself as the ultimate refresher

From the TVC days of ‘Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas’ till the integrated launch of ‘Doubt Hatao, Sprite Uthao’, the aerated-drink brand has consistently poured a witty tonality in their campaigns, proposing itself as the ultimate refresher in the summer heat. We take a look at some of their campaigns that combined eccentric storytelling with a CTA to purchase. Read more here

Ben & Jerry’s Campaigns that made the brand communication snackable

Here is a tub full of Ben & Jerry’s Campaigns for you to rejoice in the summer heat, so scoop up this listicle and taste a few popular flavors that established the brand’s legacy. Read more here

Global Samosa

Zalando’s Spring Campaign for European markets celebrates diversity & inclusivity

Featuring Luc Bruyere, Yann Horowitz, and Yolisa Mqoco, the new Spring Campaign by Zalando will be rolled out across 17 European markets. Read more here.

The Nature of Plastic: Greenpeace wrapped Chile in plastic bags to make an important point

‘The Nature of Plastic’ campaign by Greenpeace Chile encourages netizens to sign a petition against plastic and modify their consumption patterns so that they minimize its usage in day-to-day lives. Read more here.

How Krispy Kreme encouraged Americans to get vaccinated

As the U.S continues to upscale its COVID-19 vaccine inoculation drive, Krispy Kreme is giving away a free doughnut to those who get jabbed and get a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.  Read more here

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