Social Media News Round Up: Snapchat mental health initiatives, & more

Social Samosa
May 21, 2021 14:40 IST
Social media news

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest social media news, platform updates, and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. Social media news this week was dominated by the launch of Snapchat announcing mental health initiatives, Twitter testing a paid subscription service, and more.

Twitter introduces Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service

The subscription-based service, Twitter Blue, may include features like a collection tab, undo tweets, and more. Read more here.

All you need to know about latest YouTube updates for creators

Some latest updates for creators on YouTube includes the ability to upload videos from the drive, pre-publish checks on mobile, and more. Read more here.

Pinterest introduces Idea Pins globally with more creative features

To help creators grow, Pinterest has launched Idea Pins globally and new creator discovery features with supporting elements like background music, transitions, voiceover recording, and other creative elements to experiment with. Read more here.

All you need to know about YouTube Terms of Service updates

The updates in the Terms of Service of YouTube include Facial recognition, monetization, and more. Read more here.

Snapchat announces initiatives for Mental Health Awareness

To support the mental well-being of users, Snapchat announces various initiatives like “Everything’s Fine”, “Seize The Awkward” and more, this Mental Health Awareness month. Read more here.

Facebook expands COVID-19 Announcement tool to India

Facebook has announced the expansion of its COVID-19 Announcement tool to India to share crucial and timely updates. They have partnered with 33 states and Union Territories to roll out the new feature in their respective jurisdictions. Read more here.

Snapchat DAU in India grew over 100% y-o-y in each of the last five quarters

Snap announces new features, latest updates, and AR experiences at the Annual partner summit. Updates span three key areas — Augmented Reality, Developers, and Creators. Read more here.

Twitter relaunches verification Process

Twitter has rolled out a new application and a new process for applying and revising verification requests. This rollout is crucial to giving more transparency, credibility, and lucidity to substantiation on the service. Read more here.

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