Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Amazon Pay, Cello Pens & more

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Social Media Campaigns

Here’s to another week of some social media campaigns rolled out, along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Amazon Pay expressing gratitude to heroes of COVID-19, Red FM spreading a message of hope & many more.

Social Media Campaigns

Hyundai Mobis launches campaign for Anti-Counterfeit Day

The digital campaign, ‘Safety Mein Zero Compromise’ by Hyundai Mobis for Anti-Counterfeit Day has been conceptualized focusing on the need to buy and use only genuine parts and accessories. Read more here.

Amazon Pay expresses gratitude to the Heroes of COVID-19 in latest campaign

Amazon unfolds the extraordinary efforts and commitment of individuals and groups, including the frontline staff, lab technicians, and lesser-known heroes like drivers, watchmen, and many more who are selflessly doing their best for society and people during a pandemic. Read more here.

P&G Shiksha introduces Munni & Vidya – two sisters, keen to get an education

The P&G Shiksha film has been conceptualized and created by Leo Burnett, showcasing the story of sisters, Munni and Vidya who realize their dream of attending school and receiving education. Read more here. ropes in Rajkummar for new digital campaign

The campaign will see Rajkummar flaunting a range of quirky tees from Bewakoof as he reiterates the brand’s ideology. Read more here.

Red FM spreads the message of hope & inspiration with ‘Hausla High Rakh’

In a bid to salute the resilient spirit of India, Red FM attempts to spread the message of hope and inspiration with the ‘Hausla High Rakh’ campaign, celebrating the tireless efforts of the frontline warriors across India along with a soulful anthem. Read more here.

Long Reads

Brand Saga: Cello Pens – from penmanship to companionship

As June arrives and we crave that perfect pen to scribble in our school notebooks, we take a walk through the Cello Pens advertising journey which made stationary look cool and established their pens as the perfect companion. Read more here.

Humour or Bullying? Brands stand tall with Khali to shut down trolls

In times when people tend to cross the line between humor and bullying, we take a look at how Brand Khali rose up to face the challenge and gave it back to the trollers albeit in a sporty manner, and the role of brands in the same. Read more here.

Scroll Through

Environment Day 2021: Brands stand up for Sustainability

The environment is in dire need of friendly attention from people and brands alike; the latter celebrated World Environment Day with campaigns and initiatives to advocate sustainability. Read more here.

Pride At Confections: A Story Of Rainbow Heart Cookies, A Social Media Brand & Love Over Hate

Once upon a time, the LGBTQIA+ community was subjected to ample hate… Fast forward to 2021 – the chronicles of bitterness continue, but now it cannot overpower love. This is a modern-day tale of an upcoming local brand, Confections, and how love won over hate with rainbow heart cookies and social media. Here’s how Pride at Confections unraveled. Read more here.

Chellam Sir creatives portray the man’s endless wisdom

Stills from The Family Man Season 2 reveal that the intelligence and knowledge of Chellam Sir is not just restricted to handling hostage situations or grave encounters, he is also versed with consumer interest, and the creatives outline his insights. Read more here.

IKEA campaigns that rally on the importance of connections

More than a furniture brand, IKEA has been a way of life – a status symbol one loves to flaunt. Advocating and enhancing this premium vibe attached to their products, the brand has been creating campaigns that cut through the clutter. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Global Pride Campaigns 2021 collaborate to erase hate

Creative communication continues the liberation of love that began with the Stonewall Riots in June 1969; global brands release a band of colorful campaigns to revere in Pride 2021. Read more here.

Nike Japan depicts how women can win an unfair game in new campaign

Nike Japan weaves uneven gender parity around a mother’s apprehension and remarkable athletes to depict the barriers a girl child faces until and beyond she becomes a woman, in the new campaign. Read more here.

Mayor of London ‘s office celebrates the passion & diversity of the city in new campaign

With the rollout of the ad film, the campaign features the beauty, authenticity, resilience, diversity, and passion of London city, while reconnecting Londoners to their city of residence. Read more here.

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