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Social Media Campaigns

Here’s to another week of some magnificent social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week feature the social media campaigns of the Paree influencer marketing campaign, Tata Tea's Jaago Re campaign, & many more.

Social Media Campaigns

Paree initiates influencer marketing campaign for launch of new product

Paree launched a digital campaign, #APadThatBreathes with Kusha Kapila and other influencers to introduce the newest addition to its premium product range – Paree Prima Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners through creative and humorous content. Read more here.

Philips Father’s Day Campaign encourages viewers to ‘trim’ the communication gap

With their Father’s Day campaign titled, ‘Never Have I Ever’ Philips explores how the emotional distance between a father and his son can be cut out, all one needs to do is take the first step. Read more here.

Pepsi and Yashraj Mukhate creates a musical composition to beat the summer blues

In an extension to the ‘more refreshing experience to consumers’ brand ideology, Pepsi roped in Yashraj Mukhate to create a musical composition for the audience. Read more here.

Tata Tea’s latest Jaago Re campaign urges viewers to enable vaccination of support staff

Tata Tea launched its latest edition of #JaagoRe, with an aim to spread awareness on a cause that is the need of the hour in the current state of Pandemic by urging people to lend a helping hand to those who have been a support in our daily life. Read more here.

Gillette aims at reviving India’s Barber Community post the lockdown with new campaign

Gillette announced the ‘Gillette Barber Parivar Suraksha Programme’ aimed at protecting and providing resources to the barber community and their families as they return to business. Read more here.

Philips tugs at heartstrings with the #KhayaalRakhna campaign

With #KhayaalRakhna, Philips shares the importance of taking care of your mental well-being along with your physical health while looking after others. The brand aims to facilitate resources that might help people power through these trying times. Read more here.

Long Reads

Cocooning Culture: How Indian brands make the most of consumer hibernation phase?

From what is the cocooning culture in an Indian context, to how are brands catering to consumers who are a part of this culture as hibernate at home during lockdown – the article decodes cocooning brands marketing tactics. Read more here.

Meesho CEO on growing social commerce from local shops to 9 Mn digital entrepreneurs

Capturing the Meesho journey that began from the lanes of Bengaluru and continues with an online presence across PAN-India, and exploring how the social commerce platform turned homemakers into entrepreneurs. Read more here.

Raising questions on patriarchy: Sherni marketing strategy

The Sherni marketing strategy revolves around challenging gender stereotypes, patriarchy, and the tigress on the prowl. We take a deeper look into the movie marketing tactics. Read more here.

Scroll Through

Father’s Day 2021: Brands celebrate the spirit of Fatherhood

On Father’s Day, brands leverage the opportunity to salute the superheroes of our life alongside weaving emotional narratives to celebrate the father-child bond. Read more here.

Brands preach mental & physical wellness this World Yoga Day

Preaching the practicing of Yoga for good physical and mental health, brands leverage World Yoga Day to create awareness about the benefits of Yoga with a brand connect. Read more here.

#Throwback The story behind Amul’s Real Milk, Real Amul Ice Cream campaign

In the first chapter of our throwback series here’s taking you through the behind-the-scenes and campaign strategy of the ‘Real Milk, Real Ice-cream’ proposition of Amul. Read more here

.Euro 2020 campaigns that scored a goal…

With Euro 2020 going on in full swing, brands leverage the opportunity to come up with campaigns that celebrate the game while creating a memorable brand recall. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Midol urges women to stop apologizing for menstruating in its new campaign

With the rollout of the “No Apologies, Period” campaign, Midol urges women to stop apologizing for their periods and be confident about their periods and related symptoms. Read more here.

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