Social Media News Round Up: Twitter Video Captions, & more

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Social Media News Round Up: Twitter Video Captions, & more

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest social media news, platform updates, and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. Social media news this week was dominated by Instagram launching ability to reply to comments to reels, Twitter testing conversation prompts, video captions, and more.

Facebook launches a monetized creator festival

Stars Fest 2021 is a creator festival running through December initiated to increase creator earnings through limited-time sales, creator competitions, and exclusive live-streaming events. Read more here.

Instagram launches ability to reply to comments with Reels

With Reels Visual Replies, creators on Instagram will be able to reply to comments with a Reel and the comment appearing as a pop-up sticker. Read more here.

Facebook launches new moderation tools and improves creator support

Facebook has initiated a major improvement for support provided to creators locked out of their accounts along with launching moderation tools to maintain healthy interactions. Read more here.

YouTube Updates: Collections, Auto Chapters & more

YouTube has announced a few updates on ongoing experiments for viewers, and a new resource for creators. Read more here.

Twitter Updates: Conversation Prompts, Video Captions & more

Twitter has announced a series of updates such as conversation prompts, along with further developments on features in the beta phase based on feedback. Read more here.

Meta expands bug bounty program for reports of scraping bugs

The expanded bug bounty program by Meta will open up two new areas of research and will reward valid reports of scraping bugs and unprotected data sets. Read more here.

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