Valentine’s Day Marketing: How Jewellery brands add bling to the season of love

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Jewellery brands’ Valentine’s Day marketing strategies involve influencer collaborations, traditional video campaigns and social media marketing aimed at generating engagement. Social Samosa takes a look at how jewellery brands use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to connect with consumers.

Some of the soaring consumer spending can be seen during annual holidays and traditions, one of them being Valentine’s Day. In 2023, consumers are expected to spend $25.9 billion on the tradition globally, up 8% over last year, with $5.5 billion to be spent on jewellery.

This new age gifting trend includes expression of all kinds be it romantic, platonic or pampering oneself, which has been reflected in the marketing strategies of jewellery brands worldwide. 

The jewellery industry as a whole has amounted to US $76.77 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow annually by 4.93% (CAGR 2023-2026). In global comparison, most revenue is generated in India with a market share of US $76,770 million in 2023.

With the season of love inspiring consumers to show their appreciation for loved ones, Jewellery brands have jumped in on the occasion marketing trend with their Valentine’s Day campaigns. 

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This year, brands have tried to generate engagement by collaborating with influencers and spreading the message of love through video and social media campaigns. Social Samosa takes a look at how jewellery brands have been using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to connect with consumers.


Jewelleries are generally gifts men give to the important women in their life. Brands showcase the same in their messaging. In a refreshing take, Melorra has been focusing on celebrating women who don’t shy away from expressing their love for the men in their life. 

This year, its V-Day video and social media campaign ‘Partner in Success’ is an ode to every milestone in a woman’s life and her celebrating the success with her life partner.

Last year, the brand roped in Aisha Ahmed and created a video campaign delivering the message of celebrating oneself without waiting on a ‘prince charming.’


CaratLane has dived into an extensive campaign leading back to January 2023. The Titan brand first created anticipation for its campaign 'Khulke Karo Express' by releasing teasers for the same, followed by the complete video.

With a mix of reel collaborations by influencers, the brand has focused on expressing love freely - be it a life partner, family, friends, or oneself. 

This sentiment goes back to its ‘Love It or Hate It’ campaign in 2022 with loved ones expressing love for one another even if one of them dislikes V-Day. 

To engage the audience, the brand asked them a simple question, would they consider ‘toasting’ to their loved ones with celebrations? The lucky winners got a chance to win a diamond pendant.

In lieu of the 2023 campaign, it has made a strategic investment and launched a second store in Ranchi, right in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Reliance Jewels

The brand this year is majorly spreading the message of 'Khudse Bhi Pyaar Kar Lo'. With a focus on the concept of self-love, it is attempting to drive engagement by asking people to share their self-love mantra on social media and has been actively sharing them on its stories. This is accompanied by a video campaign to boost marketing.  

Last year, Reliance Jewels provided an opportunity to win a luxurious dinner date by encouraging users to participate in its ‘Growing in Love’ campaign for its V-Day collection ‘Floreo’. It asked people to recreate proposals with its collection for a chance to win. 

With influencer marketing on the rise, it also collaborated with Kishwer Merchant for the same. 


For the past few years, the new-age jewellery brand Giva has been doing full-scale V-Day promotions on social media by focusing on influencer marketing to drive engagement. In 2021, the brand collaborated with Neha Kakkar and Sheena Bajaj to promote its V-Day collection. 

This year, its ‘For Every Moment Of Love' campaign focuses on sharing what makes affection so special. Television actors Kishwer Merchant and Sourabh Raaj Jain talk about their love stories with their respective partners as part of the collaboration.

With Anushka Sharma as the face of the brand, it has also released its Valentine’s Day video promoting her ‘approved’ gifts.

Other than this, the brand has included real people to share stories of self-love and love stories beyond sexuality from 2021-2022. The social media strategy also relies on V-Day styling tips, giveaways, and memes as part of its marketing. 

Mia by Tanishq

Mia has encouraged self-expression with its jewellery marketing strategies for a few years. Together with VOOT Studios, Viacom18’s branded content arm, the brand released a campaign in 2021 launching its V-Day collection ‘The Cupid Edit.’

Taking this forward in 2022, armed with influencer marketing, it joined hands with multiple famous names including Kenneth Sebastian and Jasmin Bhasin to release their stories of the idea of gifting - be it for their partner or themselves.

This year, it has focused on the unique and polar opposite pairs that seem to fit together with its new collection ‘Rair Pair.’


Back in September 2022, BlueStone released its 'Love Is In The Little Things' campaign to celebrate the launch of its watch jewellery. The sentiment of small actions for your loved ones having profound meaning to it has been carried on this year for Valentine’s Day. 

The category has seen an explosive 50X rise in consumers since January 2022 and a 930% lift in watch-related search volumes since the start of the campaign, reinforcing the product-market fit within contemporary lifestyles that centre on technology and style. The campaign has also resulted in a nearly 20% growth in brand awareness and a 33% boost in consideration, as mentioned in a press release.

The brand has also launched a social media giveaway for vouchers worth Rs. 5000 called ‘It's a match.’

Bluestone is also extending the campaign this year. 

Senco Gold and Diamonds

Joining in on the journey to create more relatability, the jewellery brand has been working on increasing its social media presence. With user generated content, Senco Gold has been sharing the real life love stories of people ‘Saying yes to proposals’ with Senco. 

The ongoing ‘14 day 14 love stories’ social media campaign is backed by a video campaign with brand ambassador Kiara Advani.


Global brands go big on V-Day campaigns, since it is celebrated at a much larger scale. Swarovski has continued to release special pieces in light of certain traditions and this year, it has launched a ‘Powered by Passion’ video campaign with music composed by French sound artist and music producer Frederic Sanchez.

The luxury brand has often collaborated with Indian influencers to reach the audience for its Valentine’s day campaigns. 

In 2020, its campaign, ‘Sparks of Love', intended to establish the V-Day collection as the perfect gift while spreading the message of inclusivity of love in all its forms. It engaged 12 influencers with 1.9 Million+ followers by leveraging Instagram.

While jewelleries might be expensive, consumers tend to spend more for the year’s first commercial tradition. With this, brands try their best to provide incentives to attract buyers and this is a common theme in each marketing campaign. 

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