Consumer Behavior and Social Media – Its a Complicated Relationship [Infographic]

consumer behaviour and social media

Agency Name:


Research Objective:

To Figure Out Impact of Social Media on Consumer Preferences for Fashion Apparel Brands


Social media is great as a brand warmer. With an ever increasing competition among fashion apparel brands to be seen and be opted for by consumers, brands are in a dire need to understand what is in the minds of their consumers, which factors influenced their shopping behavior and to what degree does social media impact their sales.

The consumer research was intended to find out about these very facts. The results indicated that consumers’ dependency on social media is in its preliminary phase with mostly depending on social media for their pre-purchase fashion trend research. Despite this fact, the impact of social media is still considerable and is growing. Thus fashion apparel brands can capitalize on it.

Research Method:

Data was collected from Primary and secondary research.

Sample Size:

The survey was conducted for a sample size of 267 respondents; a majority (58%) of which was male . The age group was left skewed with a majority (57%) of respondents in the age group of 23-27 years and a majority (74%) of respondents was students community.