Social Media Campaign Round Up: Ft UNICEF, John Lewis, Tata Steel, and more

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Coca Cola, BookMyShow, Axis Bank leveraging DeepVeer wedding, and more. Brands also celebrated Internation Men's Day with vigor while UNICEF created a hard hitting spot on World Children's Day.

Learn more about the trending and hottest new social media and digital marketing campaigns with Social Samosa’s weekly social media campaigns roundup for a condensed summary of the industry.

BookMyShow’s Sunday Movie Day: Standing for a cause still works?

BookMyShow Children’s Day campaign titled ‘Sunday Movie Day’ narrates a thought-provoking story that urges parents to love their children irrespective of who they love. Read more here.

#GlobalSamosa: UNICEF’s World Children’s Day campaign asks citizens to #GoBlue

UNICEF World Children’s Day campaign featuring Millie Bobby Brown, Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Lilly Singh, Dua Lipa, and artists Blue Man Group urges everyone to #GoBlue. Read more here.

#RefreshTheFeed: Coca-Cola reboots itself positively this World Kindness Day

The World Kindness Day is celebrated on the 13th November, and Coca-Cola used this occasion to do something different. For Coca-Cola World Kindness Day campaign, the brand came up with #RefreshTheFeed campaign to completely reboot its social media presence. Read more here.

Brands celebrate International Men’s Day with sass and fun

Brands celebrate International Men’s Day as they promote basic humanitarian values that revolve around men and integrated them with their company’s purpose. Here is a list of few of the Internation Men’s Day campaigns we came across. Read more here.

Roca & We Are Water Foundation launch #CleanYourHeart on World Toilet Day

On World Toilet Day, Roca and We Are Water Foundation India released #CleanYourHeart, bringing one of the most prominent issues faced by millions of domestic help every day, i.e. Access to Toilet. Read more here.

#GlobalSamosa: John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas advert 2018 ft. Sir Elton John

John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas advert 2018 featuring Sir Elton John, titled, The Boy & The Piano strikes the right note. Read more here.

Tata Steel shares collective outlook and aspirations with #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow

Tata Steel has embarked on a corporate brand campaign that is in line with its collective outlook and aspirations. #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow celebrates the brand as the catalyst for ushering in a new era in the journey of the organization. Read more here.

Ad world bets big on the ‘Power of Music’ by creating original albums!

For ages we have grooved to the tunes of Bollywood music. While some get etched in our hearts, a few fail to abstract any sense. The advertising world is no new to this and has, time and again, tested the power of music and soundtracks in their campaigns as well to bring out the essence rightly. Read more here.

#TheirDayIsTheirs: Axis Bank’s clutter breaking message amidst the #DeepVeer wedding chatter

When Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced their wedding, our hearts couldn’t have fluttered faster. Oh, the butterflies we felt in our stomach! As fans, we’re so happy and we pine for every single detail and update, so much that we tend to forget that at end of the day, Deepika – Ranveer too just are an ordinary couple in love and deserve the same amount of privacy. Read more here.

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