Snapchat marketing solutions for the holiday season

Snapchat marketing solutions

Snapchat has launched a guide to aid marketers with marketing solutions for the holiday season.

As app downloads and in-app purchases spike during the holiday season, Snapchat has introduced marketing solutions to boost downloads and purchases through the platform.

Constant Campaigns

App Install volumes spike from 25th December to 1st January. Snapchat users come about as active shoppers and appear as likely to make in-app purchases. This prompts to be a vital period for advertisers and incites constant campaigns throughout this term.


95% of the GEN Z generation report owning a smartphone and also hold a considerable amount of buying power. Snapchat offers a young target audience for advertisers, and GEN Z is a fertile grouping of this bracket. Campaigns targeted to this demographic may result in a high-yield.

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Re-engage after the change

Snapchat suggests as consumers tend to change or upgrade their phones during the holiday season, this consumption habit provides a natural opportunity for marketers to run device-targeted campaigns or paid re-engagement before they lapse.

Ad Formats

You can choose a format that best suits your campaign and would induce app downloads and in-app purchases.

Snap Ads directs users to website, app, or app store page. Collection Ads showcases a series of products. Recently, Snapchat also introduced skippable ads up to three-minutes long and also increased the duration of mid-roll ads.

Furthermore, they also launched opt-in ads for Snap Games and dynamic ads that offer mobile-native templates.