Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft Condom Marketing, Street Dancer 3D & more

social media campaigns

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features condom brands tapping movie-themed marketing, the movie marketing strategy of Street Dancer 3D and more.

Condom Marketing: Using movies as an engaging content peg

Skore, Playgard, Manforce, and Durex are using movies for condom marketing to add new dynamics to selling a condom through social media. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Wagh Bakri adding warmth to relations

The second brand saga of the New Year takes a walk down the memory lane of Wagh Bakri Tea advertising journey, understanding what made the brand that is now, 100 years later. Read more here.

Ola’s Heroes of Ola cements consumer – driver-partners relationship

Heroes Of Ola enables consumers to share experiences with the driver-partners and acts as a service marketing strategy. Read more here.

#ThereWasNoConceptOf brand posts bring in novelty

#ThereWasNoConceptOf brand posts jump on the trend with promotional alterations to the template recently surfaced. Read more here.

Street Dancer 3D movie marketing strategy – A groovy affair

A look at Street Dancer 3D movie marketing strategy reveals how the makers worked the dance angle through UGC. Read more here.

#TheArtVsArtist brand posts take an amusing route

Earth without art is just “Eh” and so #TheArtVsArtist brand posts have filled the social media bay. Read more here.

Conversational Marketing: 10 times Tinder got chatty

Tinder is known to have taken a sassy route on Twitter. As crazy comebacks are unending, Tinder Twitter strategy is focussed on creating conversations for quality engagement. Read more here.

PNB MetLife treads the influencer marketing route for #ShedTheTax

With the likes of Ranvijay Singh, Prince Narula, and Harbhajan Singh, PNB MetLife is using influencer marketing to promote #ShedTheTax. Read more here.

Ogilvy India highlights the importance of evidence with #DNAFightsRape

Ogilvy India is raising awareness about the importance of DNA evidence in a conviction for rape, with the help of key stakeholders. Read more here.

#HowWeEqual: Bumble campaign pushes for equality in relationships

The new campaign by Bumble spreads the societal lesson of equality in romantic relationships, with influencers sharing personal narratives. Read more here.

Flipkart highlights return policy with campaign series ft content creators

Armed with a set of video series, each the length of an ad spot, Flipkart is disseminating information on its return policy. Read more here.