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Here’s to another week of some impressive social media campaigns that were rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features social media campaigns of Marks & Spencer and Isobar spreading awareness about breast cancer, Ricela's campaign on prevention from cholesterol, and more.


April Fool’s Day prank: InVideo creates buzz for voice command video editor

Leveraging stories, newsletters, website landing page and tweets, InVideo was able to garner 2500 subscribers for an intelligent video assistant, as a prank. Read more here.

Lintas Live & CRY join hands to launch an awareness campaign supporting India’s girls in completing their secondary education

The campaign by Lintas Live and CRY seeks to inspire India’s citizens to come together and pledge their support for the cause to make the ‘BIG Impact’. Read more here.

Marks & Spencer India and Isobar launch ‘Straps That Remind’ to spread awareness about breast cancer

The campaign by Isobar and Marks & Spencer aim to spread awareness around the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and initiate behavioural change. Read more here.

Ricela rolls out campaign to raise awareness on preventing cholesterol

The campaign by Ricela aims at reassuring audiences that they no longer need to calculate every move in fear of a cholesterol spike and that Ricela Gamma Oryzanol is the effective, natural health top-up the heart needs to combat cholesterol and prevent it from forming. Read more here.

Swayam launches campaign that invites men to think & work for equality

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, Swayam’s campaign urges men to think beyond the limits of dated chauvinism and dream of a world where wellbeing, equality, and love are the goals to aspire to. Read more here.

Long Reads

For everything travel: Decoding the MakeMyTrip marketing strategy ft Sunil Suresh

A year to the COVID-19 havoc, we take a look at how MakeMyTrip’s marketing strategy helped the brand breathe through the crisis with the various efforts to leverage pent-up travel demand & keep the brand value high. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Revisiting Fevicol’s ‘Mazboot Jod Ka Tod Nahi’ success formula of six decades

You hear Fevicol whenever someone mentions ‘mazboot jod’ kyuki fevicol hai toh tootega kaise. The Fevicol advertising journey has been a testimonial to the brand’s commitment towards building everlasting bonds and connections. Read more here.

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Dabur Chyawanprash finds itself in controversy for COVID-19 protection ad after brand ambassador Akshay Kumar tests positive

The latest brand to find itself in hot water is Dabur Chyawanprash for its claims of providing immunity against COVID-19 after its brand ambassador Akshay Kumar tested positive for the deadly virus. Read more here.

Budweiser Messi Murals spark controversy amongst netizens

Budweiser campaign to depict Lionel Messi’s journey through murals across the streets of Delhi and Mumbai finds itself in controversy for replacing the previous artworks. Here’s all you need to know about the campaign, outrage, and more. Read more here.

Burger King Campaigns flame-grilled in unconventional creativity under Fernando Machado’s leadership

From saying that a Burger King ad once made him “want to throw up in my mouth” to making an award-winning campaign that made a lot of people “throw up in their mouth”, presenting a few of the best campaigns that former Global CMO of the brand, Fernando Machado has led, and how he fought the competition’s bigger budgets with greater ideas. Read more here.

Inside: R City Mall’s attempt to woo patrons with social media content and lucky draws

We take a look at how R City Mall leveraged social media and a bumper prize of a flat at Runwal My City to make people feel safe and welcome to shop at the mall. Read more here.

In 7 ways: How Ryan Reynolds inspires the Indian marketing industry with new-age tactics

#RyanRules: Here are the key takeaways for desi marketers who wish to pave their way into the world of advertising, promotion, and gen-z rules of marketing. Read more here.

World Health Day brand creatives line up to cultivate healthier habits

The idiom ‘Health Is Wealth’ has been redefined by the pandemic, and a nourishing lifestyle is an embodiment of surviving these traumatic times, and World Health Day brand creatives urge us not to take our wealth for granted. Read more here.

Mirinda Campaigns bubbling with bizarre narratives

Mirinda bringing out the (required) insanity within consumers with a burst of atypical campaigns has been a constant endeavour that established an individual presence for the brand, here we taste a few of these flavours. Read more here.

7 Lessons to learn from Paytm India’s topical marketing strategy

From creating a campaign with a meme character to prominently using the brand’s tagline everywhere, Paytm India’s topical marketing strategy revolves around their core branding ethos, we take a closer look. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Global Samosa: P&G’s ‘Widen the screen’ to confront stereotypes against black people

The film has been released with an objective to announce the launch of a P&G initiative to increase and widen the inclusion of black people across all aspects of the media industry. Read more here.

Global Samosa: From to Ryan Reynold’s Mint Mobile, Satan’s appearance in the ad is hell breaking

The iconic ‘Satan’ returns in a new ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile to highlight the truth of Big Wireless companies services in a sarcastic way. Read more here.

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