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Here’s to another week of some magnificent social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Tide stressing on family time, Netflix recreating CID, and more.


‘Kuch toh gadbad hai, Daya’ moment of Netflix with the CID cast

Netflix has been creating content assets with characters and actors that have created a stir in the digital world. In line with the trend, Netflix released a short film ‘The Ultimate Kaunspiracy’ by The Rabbit Hole agency with the legendary star cast of CID to promote their latest release Haseen Dilruba. Read more here.

Tide’s latest campaign highlights the significance of time spent on important things in life

By raising an important question – ‘Are we spending our time on what’s really important?’ Tide aims to contextualize the importance of time for the families of today. Read more here.

Society Tea campaign depicts bonds made for life

Society Tea brews a film taking a trip down the memory lane with its latest campaign, ‘Yaadon Bhari Pyaali’ emphasizing our roots, where we come from, the foundation of our existence that shapes us for tomorrow. Read more here.

Hamdard Laboratories advocates holistic wellbeing in a new digital campaign

Sehat Hai to Watan Hai campaign by Hamdard Laboratories urges people to be more mindful of their health and pursue a healthier lifestyle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

Long Reads

Understanding the Blueprint of Entertainment Marketing in 2021

In conversation with Social Samosa, brand and agency leaders shed light on the evolving landscape of Entertainment marketing for a plethora of content that includes movies, OTT shows, and more. Read more here.

The Next Gen Of Broadcast & Simulcast: Social Media

Social media is not just a platform that facilitates social interactions anymore, it is also a medium where users can watch a broadcast or simulcasts, and live streams of offline and virtual events. Read more here.

Experts decode the Reinvention of Audio Advertising

With Facebook rolling out Bulletin, Twitter scaling up Spaces and a surge of audio-only social apps has led to a shift in the way we look at advertising and media landscape. Industry experts decode the audio advertising trends and factors that keep the ball rolling. Read more here.

Sale Promotion Strategy: Role of social media in the Myntra EORS 14 rollout

This year, Myntra took the EORS a step ahead with a robust, star-studded social media strategy that had something in store for everyone. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Redefining ‘old is gold’ the Air India way…

While the first part of the Air India advertising journey dwelled into the carrier’s initial days of branding, the second part unravels the contemporary era of its marketing when it set out to face the challenge of being an ‘old brand’. Read more here.

How to create a contract for a freelance social media marketing gig

From building a community or network of clients to negotiating your work’s worth, here are a few things to keep in mind while drafting a contract for a freelance social media marketing gig. Read more here.

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A packet full of Doritos Campaigns to munch

Here is a compilation of some of the quirky Doritos Campaigns that can surely leave you mouthwatering and grab a packet of Doritos to get munching right away. Read more here.

Understanding the top trends on Instagram in 2021

Ravish Jain, Country Head, PicsArt shares insights on the evolving Instagram trends and how brands and marketers can effectively use them to drive business. Read more here.

When Swiggy met Netflix & Haseen Dillruba, Twitter activity translated into app visits

Taking the Haseen Dillruba Kaunspiracy campaign a step further, Netflix and Swiggy made fans chase discounts in a fastest-finger-first Twitter activity. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Youngsters guide parents about unconventional choices in the Sprite campaign

The latest campaign by Sprite sheds light on teenage kids taking charge of guiding their parents in understanding contemporary choices and being inclusive towards all. Read more here.

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