Social Media News Round Up: YouTube AdSense controls, & more

Social media news

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest social media news, platform updates, and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. Social media news this week was dominated by LinkedIn’s automated event planning, Twitter’s Professional Profiles, Instagram’s new Video tab, and more.

Pinterest offers training and ad credit to underrepresented communities

The Community Rebuild Program by Pinterest aims to train and empower business owners that are people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Read more here.

LinkedIn introduces features to automate event planning

In association with Zapier, an IT Services company, LinkedIn has launched a few updates to automate the taxing job of planning, executing, marketing, and managing an event. Read more here.

Twitter introduces Professional Profiles

Professional Accounts on Twitter will provide a slate of creative tools to businesses, creators, publishers, and developers of all industries and sizes space to showcase and highlight their content, products, and services directly on Twitter. Read more here.

YouTube launches video action campaigns on connected TVs

YouTube has now made TV screens shoppable as video action campaigns now include CTV (connected TVs) inventory to enable brands and marketers to drive more online sales. Read more here.

Facebook Gaming platform announces the launch of co-streaming

Co-streaming on the Facebook Gaming platform will allow users to watch two different perspectives simultaneously and intends to improve the creator streaming experience. Read more here.

Clubhouse Updates: Universal Search, Clips, Replays & more

Clubhouse has introduced a slate of new features and updates to improve the user experience along with the searchability of clubs. Read more here.

Instagram merges all video content under a new Video Tab

Instagram has announced that it is combining IGTV and Feed videos into one video format. All forms of video content will now be available under the new video tab on the users’ profiles. Read more here.

What caused Facebook’s global outage?

On Monday, Facebook services faced a global outage. The services resumed after 6 hours, causing serious repercussions for the Facebook family of apps and Mark Zuckerberg. Here’s what caused the global outage. Read more here.

Snapchat introduces monetization option for creators

Snapchat has announced a new way to reward its creators: Spotlight Challenges, which offers the creators a chance to win cash prizes for creating top-performing Spotlight Snaps using specific Lenses, Sounds, or #Topics. Read more here.