[Round Up] Social Media Strategy : IPL 5 Teams

One of our authors covered the social media strategies of all IPL teams.

Here’s a quick round up of who did what?

Social Media Strategy : Mumbai Indians [IPL 5]

Mumbai Indians, which has the fortune of having the God of Gods as its skipper, is using Facebook to humanize cricket lords. The team, which already enjoys the love and support of 2.5 million Facebook fans, is taking social media engagement one step further.

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Social Media Strategy : Kolkata Knight Riders [IPL 5]

KKR is using all the major social media channels to a great effect, and it has even closed the social media loop by integrating blog and gallery in its portal KKR.in. The IPL team has hired 22feet, a Bengaluru-based digital agency to design their social media strategy and let’s see how it fares.

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Social Media Strategy – Delhi Daredevils [IPL 5]

Delhi Daredevils (DD) is using all the major social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog. Let’s analyze each one of them to see how effectively it uses these tools to keep its fans engaged.

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Social Media Strategy- Chennai Super Kings [IPL 5]

Chennai Super Kings has a presence on three major social media channels, namely, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. CSK social media team has included two types of blogs on its nicely designed website and we analyze each of them in details in the paragraphs below. Let’s see how well CSK is using these tools of engagement, and if they have succeeded in it or not.

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Social Media Strategy – Pune Warriors India [IPL 5]

Pune Warriors India has its presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In this article we will see the strength of its community and effectiveness of its social media campaign.

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Social Media Strategy – Royal Challengers Bangalore [IPL 5]

Apart from using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to remain in touch with its fans, RCB has also used tools like blog, forum, and debate to convert a normal discussion into an in-depth intellectual discourse. In this article, I will examine how successful the team has been with it’s social media strategy and in its effort to engage fans in the social media.

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Social Media Strategy – Kings XI Punjab [IPL 5]

Like Every other IPL team, Kings XI Punjab is present on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but a consistent branding effort is clearly missing from these social media websites, where each profile looks different from the other. Even the nomenclature used is not very consistent. If on Facebook it is Kings XI Punjab Official Fan Club then on Twitter it is Kings XI Punjab and on YouTube it is Kings XI Punjab TV. It holds true for the URLs as well. Let’s move forward and see how KXIP uses various social media tools.

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Social Media Strategy – Deccan Chargers [IPL 5]

DC has a presence on all 3 major social networking websites I have been analyzing in this series, but we need to check how strong a presence the team has on all these channels. We will also analyze the “Fan Zone”, which is there on DC’s website and which carries a blog, graffiti board, and Chargers Club for individual and corporate. Let’s move forward and dive a little deeper to understand the social media strategy of Deccan Chargers.

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Social Media Strategy – Rajasthan Royals [IPL 5]

Rajasthan Royals is using all three major social media websites we have covered so far in the series. Now we have to see if the team has given its social media effort, a royal touch or not. As usual. Let’s begin the analysis with Facebook

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