1920 Evil Returns is the First Indian Social Media Case Study to Get Listed on Harvard Business Publishing

1920 Evil Returns poster

The very first social media case study by Suhurta Kulkarni, Karthika .A.S and Unnikrishnan Dinesh Kumar has been listed on Harvard Business Publishing.  For those of you who believed that Indian social media showed great promise, nothing could validate this belief further.

What is it about?

The case features Ami Shah, founder of IntelliAssist,who has helped clients create social media marketing strategies for their products or services, and has successfully aided the execution of these campaigns. The case looks at the anatomy of the social media marketing campaign for the Bollywood movie ‘‘1920 Evil Returns”, which was a sequel to the 2008 release 1920.

1920 Evil Returns poster

What are its highlights?

The case takes an in-depth look at the good social media mix utilised to run the 1920 Evil Returns campaign spanning 45 days. Facebook and YouTube were the primary platforms used for the social media campaign, while Google Ads were used on popular Bollywood websites such as Bollywood Hungama, SantaBanta along with news websites such as India Times, Hindustan Times and Rediff.com.

Who will find it useful?

This social media case study can be used to teach courses such as social media marketing, digital marketing business analytics, marketing communication and entertainment industry at MBA or executive MBA programmes. It presents the finer nuances of social media marketing for a product (more specifically a film) which has a short shelf-life, is locally consumed, and has a specific target audience. The case provides learners and educators with valuable insights into the effectiveness of social media marketing.

Though the primary target audience for this case will be students and teachers, it can be found to be of interest to many others. Social media marketers and social media strategists will find these insights very enlightening, while brands and businesses seeking to make a mark on the web too will consider the content to be interesting.

What this means for the Indian Social Media Sector

Recently John Rankin, a well known British Photographer picked BBH India’s latest Skoda digital ad as one of his ‘TOP PICKS’ in his article lamenting about advertising in the digital age in Marketing UK online.  This listing of the first Indian social media case study by Harvard Business Publishing is another feather in our cap.  The world is now waking up to what is happening on Indian social media!

Harvard Business Publishing is a well known destination for educators and learners looking for quality material in the fields of management, administration, marketing and advertising.  An Indian social media case listed on HBP suggests good work is being done in this field, and is being documented and studied by people across the globe.