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Leading Brands Managed by tonic media

This article is published under our Agency Spotlight feature. The Agency under Spotlight for this month is Tonic Media. You can read about Tonic Media’s core team members here.

Tonic Media has been working with some of the leading brands & organizations and helps them achieve their social media objectives by closely aligning campaigns to the overall brand objectives. While working with a client, it is important to understand business goals and intertwine the social media activities to suit the brand image.

Tonic Media has been creating branded properties and has rolled out a number of integrated campaigns too. Their client portfolio ranges from general entertainment channels, retails brands and other industries.

McDonald's India

McDonald's India is a leading QSR brand and Tonic Media has been handling their social media mandate since July 2010. McDonald's India’s social media objective is to engage with their customers, drive footfalls and promote their products. Tonic Media has devised a catchy and an upbeat content strategy for the brand.

The agency communicates the happiness quotient of the brand while at the same time disseminates product and brand information. Footfall driven campaigns have been executed to help achieve these brand objectives. For instance, ‘Coming to Coimbatore’, an IDMA 2013 award winning campaign was executed to promote the launch of a new outlet in Coimbatore.Mc Donalds Coimbatore Tonic Media Client

It was an interactive Facebook campaign which was aimed at generating footfalls on the opening day along with spreading awareness. A similar campaign Swagatham Kerela was launched to drive footfalls to Kerela’s first store.

Mc Donalds Coimbatore Tonic Media Client

Another popular Facebook application named Egg-Tease involved characters specifically created to promote the launch of their McEgg burgers.

Along with online promotions, Tonic Media also undertook an offline event where it tied up with health guru Mickey Mehta and organized a meet up at a McDonald’s store in Mumbai, to communicate about the healthy angle of the McDonald's breakfast menu.

This was also supported by building a Facebook content strategy which aimed at promoting and driving up sales of their breakfast menu. It was named Mornings at McDonald's.

eBay India

Leading ecommerce portal eBay India awarded their social media responsibilities to Tonic Media in May 2013.The client's social media objective was to drive traffic to the website, increasing sales and engagement on social media. Tonic Media’s approach towards the ecommerce giant is to build a content strategy that focuses on driving traffic to the website organically along with executing power packed campaigns that increase engagement.

The agency executed My New eBay which was a 360 degree social media activity for the introduction of the brand new interface and re-launch of the website, eBay Check was an integrated social media campaign for the launch of eBay’s official Google Chrome extension.

Tonic Media built an application, Happy Go Crazy Navratri during the festive season. This application features the spirit of Navratri by showcasing the colors of the festival from across the nation. Also, to connect users to the happiness of the festive season, the agency launched the first ever social media laughter challenge on Facebook & Twitter and called it Happy Go Crazy Challenge.

HappyGoCrazy Tonic Media Client HappyGoCrazy Tonic Media Client

NBA (National Basketball Association)

NBA joined hands with Tonic Media in October 2012 to increase awareness about Basketball in India at the grass-root level through social media and give existing game enthusiasts, a platform to engage online. The agency strides towards building buzz around basketball using content buckets like fitness, lifestyle and match updates.

Player Trump Cards is a campaign where players are highlighted and their statistics are showcased. This campaign builds awareness of top level players to watch out for.

NBATrump Card Tonic Media Client

Fashion Face-offs is another property built by Tonic where pitting one player's extravagant fashion quotient against another is the main strategy. Users are asked to choose their favourite.

Play Off Predictions Tonic Media Client

The agency has also built an application called Playoff Predictions. Users were asked to predict the score of an exciting playoff game. It saw great participation and encouraged a feeling of belonging among users. It also positioned some users as NBA experts whose predictions were close to the real score. The application also promoted increased viewership of the LIVE games on Sony SIX.

Sony Pix

Sony Pix, a leading English movie channel has a great content strategy and good levels of engagement soaring on its social media properties. They have been working with Tonic Media since February 2013.

Their objective on social platforms is to create differentiated and engaging content as well as top of mind recall. Since their main brand goal is to drive viewership, they encourage integrated campaigns and chase the leader position in Hollywood movie channel.

Tonic Media’s approach towards attaining client’s objectives is to create micro-properties, which help differentiate PIX from other Hollywood movie channels on social media. The agency has also consistently built an integration of television and social media to increase and sustain viewership. Along with these, Tonic runs differentiated campaigns that Indian viewers can relate to and engage with.

Sony Pix wanted to promote the premiere of MIB 3. Tonic Media accomplished India's first ever Live Twitter TV integrated campaign which helped Pix attain No 1 viewership during the premiere. Anti Alien Day was a property created to get Indian users to relate to Aliens.

Characters that users find alien in day to day lives (Like auto drivers who refuse to ferry passengers), Screamers Extremus (People who scream loudly on the phone), Stinkus Maximus (People who stink all the time) were developed and users were asked to vote against these aliens. Users who busted maximum aliens were called the 'Man in Black of the Day'.

Sony Pix Anti Alien Day Tonic media Client

Similarly, to promote the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman, Tonic Media built the biggest Web of Amazing People. The campaign aimed at finding amazing people amongst ourselves on Facebook and tagging them, thus creating the LARGEST 'Web of Amazing People'. Users were encouraged to tag the amazing people they know in their life. Twitter was used to drive viewership with a live integrated contest during the telecast of the premier.

Apart from promoting premieres, the agency has also built a sexy, smart and sauve character called Notty Pixy, who reveals the latest news and gossip from Hollywood. Taking a step ahead Notty Pixy will be integrated to drive viewership as well. Daily content buckets include Hot O Meter, Date or Ditch and #PixPrise (trivia).

Notty Pixy Sony Pix Tonic Media ClientTonic Media has a vast experience and expertise in dealing with clients across industries. They specialize in creating laudable campaigns that drive conversations and high engagement. The agency has actually driven footfalls in a store launch through social media and this is real ROI.

Creating unique properties for different brands with different needs is how the agency works. Tonic Media offers customized solutions that differentiate a brand from its competitor within the industry.

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