Expectations Agency Owners Have from a Social Media Manager

multitasking work

Social Media Managers play an essential role in a social media agency. They are the one point interface between clients and social media executives. But are their roles clear?

We decided to understand the industry opinions about what agency owners expect from social media managers. Here are a few industry folks who shared their opinion.

Varun Duggirala, Left Brain, Glitch

“I think a social media manager should wear many hats. A clear understanding of the digital landscape, strong sensibilities in design and a great knack of putting out great & compact copy across brands. But most of all a social media manager should be a hyper-active social media user who understands what makes a great conversation tick & spread online, because with social media it’s never a creative if it doesn’t start a conversation.”

Swati Nathani, Business Head, Team Pumpkin

“The Social Media Manager ideally should not function like a ‘Manager’ but an entrepreneur of sorts, where she / he thinks, acts and takes decision like the owner of the brand. Along with the Digital Marketing skills, Innovativeness, Team management and Creativity are a must for the person who steps into the profile.”

Manish Kishore, Co-Founder & CEO – Digitally Inspired Media

“A social media manager should be a master multi-tasker, it’s not only about posting and tweeting, it’s about creating conversations on multiple platforms and analyzing the available data to create meaningful conversations again.”

Kunal Gandhi, Social Media Strategist, I Knowledge Factory

“As a Social media manager, it is expected to have a mature insights of clients business. Clients expect a Social media manager to understand the business model and draw social media strategies keeping specific business perspective. Also emotional quotient that client shares with his brand is needed to be understood. At the end it is humans interacting with humans through social media.”

Hemal Majihia, Founder, Octobuzz

“We look for 2 things in a Social Media Manager while recruiting one, Competency & Maturity, while most of them are competent enough to deliver results in the short term, not most are Matured enough to understand the bigger picture and take the brand to the next level in the long run. Infact it is more important to have matured Social Media Managers for big brands as they are the voice of a brand that is a matured entity itself.”