Social Media Campaigns Round Up: Ft URI, Raymond, Gillette, and more

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features brands doing topical posts on Gully Boy, Egg Gang, #FestiveSpot of brands' Makar Sankranti creatives, and more.

Learn more about the trending and hottest new social media and digital marketing campaigns with Social Samosa’s weekly social media campaigns roundup for a condensed summary of the industry.

URI makers’ fitting anti-piracy reply: Movie marketing done right?

The makers of Uri: The Surgical Strike have taken upon themselves to combat piracy by creating a hard-hitting video in a bid to get the moment marketed right. Read more here.

Clinique India’s We Hear You ft Instagram influencers rakes mixed reviews

Clinique India’s ‘We Hear You’ seeks to celebrate independent and beautiful women; experts share their take on whether the campaign rings the right note. Read more here.

#BrandSaga: Raymond: The brand that redefined masculinity

The brand that went beyond the Angry Young Man fad to introduce Indians to The Complete Man. The Raymond Marketing Journey…. Read more here.

Brands celebrate progress with #10YearChallenge

A lot can happen in a decade. While social media users across platforms are sharing the progress they have made over the years, brands too have joined the trend, reflecting on how far they have come in the last ten years. #10YearChallenge brand posts have been dominating the socialverse. Read more here.

Twitter destroys Gillette’s #TheBestManCanBe

It took about 48 hours for the Twitterverse to destroy Gillette’s idea of a modern man in the new ad campaign, #TheBestManCanBe. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s trending issue. Read more here.

#GlobalSamosa: IKEA’s Deal with the Dark is a bright pleasure

IKEA Amsterdam Christmas Campaign, titled, Deal with the Dark, is a poetic treat visualized as a majestic dream with particulars, as attention makes everything more beautiful. Read more here.

How do you want your eggs? Like Pizza Hut, Zomato, HDFC, or PULSE?

Scrambled, boiled, poached, fried or as a marketing campaign dipped in the trending oil on the hot pan of social media that is making brands drool. Brands join the #EggGang! Read more here.

#FestiveSpot: Brands fly high with Makar Sankranti creatives

Amul, Foodpanda, Kotak, SBI, and more have tied the manjha of creativity to their products and are floating in the sky with their Makar Sankranti creatives. Read more here.

Brands rap to Gully Boy’s success with lit creative posts

Brands have amped up their creativity on social media with the launch of Gully boy trailer and now the much awaited ‘Apna Time Aayega’. Read more here.

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