Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Tanishq, Gangar Eyenation’s mascot & more

social media campaigns

Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Tanishq’s wedding campaign, Gangar Eyenation’s mascot, International Men’s day campaign, and more.

Social Media Campaigns

Cadbury Bournvita launches ChatBOT to highlight the significance of children’s mental health

Going much beyond the norm of raising awareness, the campaign lent a hand of support through its ChatBOT that helped the parents identify and reach the right help needed for their children. Read more here.

Tanishq urges consumers to talk about marriage in wedding season campaign

Conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney, the latest Tanishq campaign urges viewers to pause and talk about the marriage they envision with their partners, celebrating real conversations. Read more here.

Gangar Eyenation adds a mascot face to the brand name with Sher-E-Gangar

Introducing the brand mascot ‘Sher-E-Gangar’, Gangar Eyenation rolled out an animated film highlighting his qualities of being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and compassionate – a reflection of the brand ideology. Read more here.

In-Depth Features

Starbucks & Holidays 2021: A tale of Insta-worthy musical red cups

With new products, partnerships, and several spoonfuls of Taylor Swift, the winter of 2021 is a step up for Starbucks red cups. Read on for the brew. Read more here.

Interview: We create a local team to execute every new launch says Ishwaraj Singh Bhatia, Simba Craft Beer

Ishwaraj Singh Bhatia of Simba Craft Beer on how the brand stayed afloat in the peak of the pandemic, with insights on their marketing, communication, and distribution strategy. Read more here.

As marketers we can not retort tactlessly to every claim: Rahul Gandhi, iD Fresh Food

As the demand for ready-to-cook meals increases, we speak with Rahul Gandhi from iD Fresh Food, understanding the brand’s in-depth marketing strategy & the role of brand management in social ORM. Read more here.

Agencies should try to follow an Asset Light Model: Sam Balsara

Sam Balsara speaks about the dire talent crunch seen in the industry, sharing how agencies can prepare for the future as creative competition increases as the Indian A & M industry strives towards growth. Read more here.

Fi social media strategy: Simplifying finances, one quip at a time

Taking a humorous route to spread awareness about finances on social media, Fi regularly participates in trends as well as pushes original content. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Vodafone Ireland Christmas campaign plays out a festive love story

In an attempt to rekindle the romance and highlight the joy of belonging, the Vodafone Ireland Christmas campaign brings forth a cute and rustic love story. Read more here.

Scroll Through

International Men’s Day campaigns propagate acceptance of men’s feelings & vulnerabilities

International Men’s Day campaigns discard the stereotypes associated with gender and show us the emotions and vulnerabilities that men face. Read more here.

Could Ranveer Singh ace as the living ‘Maharaja’ for Air India?

In an impromptu mid-air ‘toodling’ session, Karan Johar complemented Ranveer Singh’s outfit by calling him the ‘Maharaja’ of Air India and we couldn’t agree more. After endorsing several products as the brand ambassador, is it time for Singh to don the role of a living mascot? Read more here.

When the Urban Dictionary drove brands into a frenzy…

A lot of us have been busy sharing the meaning of our names on the newly launched IG sticker. We take a look at how the marketing world adapted to the trend as we go through the Urban dictionary brand topical creatives. Read more here.