Social Media News Round-Up: Instagram, Clubhouse, Twitter Blue & more

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Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest social media news, platform updates, and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. Social media news this week was dominated by Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse’s new features and Twitter Blue’s new updates.

Instagram launches stickers & multi-author story for Diwali

For Diwali, Instagram has announced the launch of three new stickers to encourage the community to connect with their friends and family.  When people post Stories using stickers, these will also be visible to their followers in a Diwali special multi-author story. Read more here

Facebook rolls out new features for Groups & Admins

Facebook is introducing new features to help admins strengthen group culture and manage and sustain their communities. It also has a new experience that brings together elements of Pages and Groups into one place, allowing admins to use an official voice with their communities. Read more here.

Clubhouse introduces Replays, attendee count & more

Clubhouse releases a much-desired feature enabling creators to exhibit a recording of their room through Replays, along with more additions that complement the new update. Read more here.

Facebook to remove sensitive ad targeting options

Considering the growing concerns over users’ privacy and expectations around how advertisers can reach them on Facebook, the platform will be discarding ad targeting options perceived as sensitive. Read more here.

Paid subscription service Twitter Blue adds new features

After being introduced in Australia and Canada to gain an understanding of how the service is received, Twitter Blue, is now available in US and New Zealand across iOS, Android, and web, with newly added features. Read more here.

YouTube Updates: Dislike count & Crisis Resource Panel

YouTube has announced a few updates for the crisis resources panels shown below videos related to sensitive topics and a major update for the visibility of dislike counts. Read more here.

Meta introduces Creative App Platform for app developers

App developers producing apps such as video and photo editing tools now have a new Creative App Platform by Meta that would enable them to directly promote their apps on Stories. Read more here.

Twitter launches new Data Governance Committee

Twitter has announced the establishment of a new Data Governance Committee to bolster privacy and security measures on the platform, along with updates on the internal processes, teams, and infrastructure. Read more here.