[Report] Top Social Media brands June 2013 by Unmetric

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[Report] Top Social Media brands June 2013 by Unmetric

The Unmetric report of Top Indian Brand on Social Media 2013 showcases brands in India within each sector that have secured top ranks on 3 social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in the month of June 2013. Unmetric monitors and bases its analysis on over 10,000 brands ranging in 30 sectors

On the basis of community size, engagement levels and campaigns on the social media giants, the analysis has been categorized under 9 sectors namely, Automobile, Aviation, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Retail Chains, Insurance and Restaurants.

  • Dominos India and Bingo have the biggest Facebook community at 4.5 million.
  • Tata Nano has the fastest response time of 0.56 minutes.
  • KFC India has the maximum engagement score.

Tata Nano in comparison with luxury brands BMW and Audi is doing a great job on social media. However, between Audi and BMW, BMW is a clear winner. With 12.9% fan growth and 3.2% conversation, Audi India needs to gear up socially.

Most brands in the automobile sector have an average of 2-3 posts a day while Audi India does not bother to maintain even 1. Even with regards to replying to customers, the brand takes 35 minutes to respond.

Among the consumer electronic brands, Samsung is way ahead of its competitors. A shocking growth trend in this sector comes alive with Dolby India galloping at a fast pace with 2250% fan growth rate. Being a B2B brand, the page received less engagement. Another brand right behind Dolby with 115% growth rate is Phillips. Unfortunately both the brands, I believe are on an ad spree and have closed their walls for fan posting.

The Food & Beverage brands are all very well conversing with fans. Leading the sector, Bingo is hitting high notes with its audience with crackling jokes and interesting content. Surprisingly, Cadbury made only 9 posts in the month of June and announced a celebration for touching 2 million fans.

After that they stopped posting content and today we notice that the brand is back in action with 6.8 million fans. This is confusing. Kurkure responded the most to fans, 50% of the times while the other were on an average of 6% response rate.

Dominos Pizza and KFC India are both above 4 million fan base. However, KFC has double fan growth rate. KFC I believe is chasing only fan growth since it hardly replies to fans with only 12.2%, the slowest in the sector. Dominos on the other hand had the highest number of fan posts, over 600 and replied 34.8% of the times.

  • Nokia India has the most number of followers at 87,963
  • HDFC grew its Twitter follower rate at 174.2%, adding 17,744 followers in 1 month
  • Jabong had the fastest response time of 1.39 minutes.



Among retail brands, flipkart is leading the way with over 81K followers, leaving other brands far behind in the race. Additionally, it also has one of the fastest fan growth rate. While Jabong had the fastest response time at 1.39 minutes, flipkart was the second fastest at 2.22 minutes.

However, Ebay India had the most number of proactive tweets at 556 and 306 replies at a ART of 6 minutes, with the hash-tag #MynewEbay which promoted the re-launch of the website design.

Insurance sector is very slowly and it is catching up with the social media pace among brands. While HDFC Life has over 27K followers the rest have an average of 2K.

Before you jump to conclusions, be aware of the longest time the brand takes to repond to users which is 90 minutes as compared to an average of 8 minutes. Aviva India is growing at a great rate of 24%. However, the sector really needs to buck up if it wants to make a mark among tweeples.

I was expecting Samsung to lead on Twitter as well but quite surprisingly it is Nokia with 7K additional followers than the former competitor. #NokiaAsha501 was tweeted the most to promote the new product by the brand in the month of June. Samsung has not retweeted a single tweet and moreover takes 15 minutes to reply.

Micromax being a smaller brand has the fastest response time of 5 minutes and the maximum number of retweets and replies. Blackberry on the other hand is the slowest with 34 minutes response time and only further damaging its brand name. The mobile sector on Twitter is decent but not as good as expected.

Dominos is again leading on Twitter with 18K+ followers while others have an average of 5K followers. The ART of restauraunt brands on Twitter is shocking with the slowest at 140 minutes and fastest at 11 minutes. The maximum number of tweets, retweets and replies were by Dominos Pizza. The pizza company had launched a campaign #BollywoodRishta which created a flurry of activities on its page.

  • Hyundai India’s ‘Hyundai 120 casts a spell’ received over 1 million views in 1 month.
  • ‘Mature is In’ advert by Fastrack is one of the most watched with 4.8 lakh views.
  • Canvas 4 teaser video by Micromax has 2.3 lakh views and is one of the most watched on its Youtube channel.

Factors like fast replying time, creating unique hash-tags, replying to fan posts and conversing with them will ensure your success of social media. You can then enjoy a happy position among the top social media brands. If Bollywood  rules by three words Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment, then the rules for  Social Media  are Engagement Engagement Engagement.

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