Digital Marketing Campaigns on Social Samosa this week

digital marketing campaigns

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the digital marketing campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly social media and digital marketing campaigns roundup this week features an analysis and review of Swiggy’s most recent IPL campaign which comprises of short cricket based spots that highlight the app’s exclusive offers and features; a summarized report of MG Motor’s entry into the Indian market with #StoriesOfMG where Adam Solman, a second generation MG Motor loyal, shares his fondest memories with the brand and more.

Other social media and digital marketing campaigns that are part of our weekly roundup are Samsung’s #MomsLoveNonStop, Everyuth Naturals’ #DitchTheAdvice featuring Bollywood actress Diana Penty and more.

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Swiggy’s integrated IPL approach: A hit or miss?

Social Samosa takes a look at Swiggy’s IPL campaign, analysing how the brand leveraged a multi-media mix to make the best out of their investment. Swiggy launched six witty commercials this IPL to celebrate two of India’s biggest passions: cricket and food. Set in the backdrop of uncanny situations and subtly weaving in cricket lingo, the six 20-seconder ads are focussed on driving home Swiggy’s propositions. Read all about the campaign and expert opinions here.

An endearing tale of father son’s connected passion by MG India

Visiting India for the first time, surrounded by some of the most beautiful vintage MG Motor machines, Adam describes his very first memory of his father’s lifelong love affair with MG. Adam goes on to share how his father’s beloved MG MGB-GT was passed on to him after he grew up, but was always protected by his ageing father’s flawless scrutiny that always made sure no harm ever befell his prized possession. Read more about it here.

Samsung shares why #MomsLoveNonStop

Mothers and Daughters from Samsung is about celebrating the mother-daughter relationship with their campaign film for Mother’s Day 2018, rolled out under the hashtag, #MomsLoveNonStop. Read more about it here.

Farhan Akhtar flaunts his brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee on Instagram

Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar appears to be a firm believer of ‘When you’re the best, you deserve the best’ as he recently got his hands on the flagship SUV from Jeep, the Grand Cherokee. Read more about it here.

Everyuth Naturals urges to Ditch The Advice

Skin problems bring a great deal of unwanted and unnecessary advice from all and sundry, from homemade remedies to questionable explanations, and Everyuth Naturals wants you to Ditch The Advice. The latest campaign from the skincare brand titled, Ditch The Advice, Everyuth Naturals have roped in Bollywood actress and model, Diana Penty to endorse their newest pimple remedy, the Everyuth Tulsi Turmeric FaceWash. Read more about it here.

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