Social Media News Round Up: Clubhouse creator program & more

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Mar 19, 2021 14:31 IST
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Social media news

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our roundup of Social Media News for this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest social media news, platform updates, and trends dominating the digital ecosystem.

Social media news this week was dominated by the launch of the Clubhouse Creator First accelerator program, designed to provide support and resources to creators on the platform, YouTube launching new metrics in analytics, and more.

YouTube Updates: New metrics in Analytics, and more

YouTube has announced a few significant updates to metrics in Analytics and a few alterations in the mobile app of Studio. Read more here.

Reddit partners with Omnicom Media Group to scale advertising

Reddit announced that they have entered into an Enterprise Partnership agreement with Omnicom Media Group to enable a range of strategic and commercial benefits from the media spends on Reddit. Read more here.

Clubhouse to pay creators who join the Creator First accelerator program

The Creator First accelerator program is designed to provide support and resources that creators need to flourish their creativity on Clubhouse and equip them with the required tools. Read more here.

Facebook launches COVID-19 vaccine information resources

Tools to get locations and schedules of COVID-19 vaccine centers, WhatsApp chatbots, Instagram Information Center, and labels are a few of the resources launched by Facebook to streamline the spread of details around vaccination programs. Read more here.

Twitter announces updates subjected to Assembly Elections 2021

To gear up for the upcoming Assembly Elections 2021 in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Puducherry, Twitter has launched a few initiatives for information dissemination. Read more here.

Snapchat rolls out in-app entertainment platform, Spotlight in India

Spotlight surfaces the most entertaining Snaps from the Snapchat community all in one place and will become tailored to each Snapchatter over time based on their preferences and favorites. Read more here.

Instagram launches resources to improve kids’ online safety

Guides, age-appropriate tools, more features to restrict older users from reaching out to the younger members, and more resources to improve online safety have been launched by Instagram. Read more here.

Pinterest launches skin tone range for beauty-searches in India

The platform-exclusive feature by Pinterest that filters out search results of beauty-related terms on the basis of the user’s skin tone has now been rolled out in India. Read more here.

Facebook introduces platform for independent writers & journalists

Facebook will also provide resources and support to writers and journalists joining the platform, enabling them to build their business online with tools such as paid subscriptions. Read more here.

Facebook announces restrictions for harmful Groups

Facebook has outlined a few ongoing efforts and changes to the discoverability of Facebook Groups to cut the spread of hate speech and misinformation. Read more here.

Clubmarket, a sponsorship marketplace for Clubhouse launched

With the rising opportunities for marketing and monetization on Clubhouse and the growing userbase, Clubmarket a marketplace for brands and creators to enter paid partnerships for promotions is now accepting applications. Read more here.

Facebook users can now login to mobile devices with security key

The feature has been rolled out globally, and now users can set up two-factor authentication to protect their account from hackers and bad actors, and log in to Facebook on Android or iOS using security keys. Read more here.

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